Made It Myself: Almond Milk

by - February 11, 2015

I've been on a bit of a health kick over tw last 6+ months and have been trying to remove needless chemicals from my diet. I's funny coming from me, but I digress.

My first true experiment with this was making almond milk. I started to drink it because I can't really stomach milk (pun intended) and have heard bad things about soy milk. I'm trying to live my life based on the no/low carb/high protein diet and figured almond milk was the best. But what's with all the extra ingredients and sugar? I hate sugar by the way and avoid it at all costs. 

Needless to say I decided to just make my own using my trusty Magic Bullet and some tips that I found online. It was a 2 day process but the result is amazing, tasty and good for me. Sadly, almonds aren't very cheap but it takes about 2.5 lbs to make 32 oz that lasts 2-4 days. I'm excited to never have to buy almond milk again.

The first thing I had to do was soak the almonds for about 2 days. This not only lets the almonds soften and expand a bit but it let me make a creamier milk. The longer you let the soak the creamier the milk will be.

Next I rinsed the almonds and mixed about 1/2 at a time with fresh water and a bit of pure vanilla extract. This allowed me to add my favorite flavor to the mix that's light and not overwhelming. 

Once the almonds are mixed with water and vanilla it's time to strain. This takes a bit long because my bullet doesn't completely liquify the almonds but gets it to a point where I can get a nice tasting creamy milk. I purchased a sink hole cover to act as a strainer and it works wonders. 

It took me about 1.5 hours to mix and strain enough milk to fit into my 32 oz container but it was worth it. The only downside is that it was a bit gritty so I'll get a cheesecloth for my next batch in order to make it as smooth as...milk! 

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