Yamleh Foundation Brush

by - January 27, 2015

When it comes to foundation I spent a lot of years using powders with kabuki brushes so when it came to using a liquid I always defaulted to my fingers. But of course, I decided to put a brush to the test because I'm tired of people telling me how unhygienic it is to use my fingers. Hello! Ever heard of washing your hands and letting them air dry before touching your makeup? No...figures!

But anyway, as a beauty blogger I have to be a trooper and try things out as much as possible and thankfully Yamleh gave with the chance with their foundation blending brush. I really like that the fibers don't shed, therefor not leaving any strands of hair trapped between my skin and the subtle foundation/tinted moisturizer. They're also super soft so it doesn't feel rough against my skin. I mostly used this for my ELF foundation because it's the thickest liquid face makeup that I own and I wanted to see if this brush not only grabbed on to it well but applied most of it to my skin. It was a success on both accounts.

When I went to wash it off a few days after using the foundation brush it was easy to get everything off and it dried within 24 hours. While I still blend my tinted moisturizers with my fingers I"m going to keep this brush around for nights that I want more coverage by using foundation that normally takes me a bit longer to blend in.

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