Apr 20, 2015

Creating a Shabby Chic Paradise

April 2015 Ikea Goodies

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love two things: Shabby Chic Decor and Ikea. More specifically, Ikea's steel items that are painted white. There's something about that look that makes me realize I'm a little more princess than gothy. I love romantic decor and any little piece that let's me have my look.

This spring I'm turning the balcony in my bedroom into my own little romantic paradise. I'm planting some flowers and herbs, I'm in the market for a really comfy writing (and tanning) chair, and I'm just eager to spend as much time as I can looking out at the mountains, listening to planes go back and of course, writing! So here's what I got in case you want to join in one the fun:

I've been eyeing the Socker Plant Pot with Holder for a while now and was glad to finally get it. It's seriously adorable. I can't wait for my lavender, sunflowers and mint to start growing so I can rearrange them so the taller things can be on top. The only downside about this is that the plant pots don't come with drainage holes so I'm hoping that my boyfriend can successfully drill some in soon so that my seeds can properly grow. What's cool about this is that I can set it on a table or if my balcony railing wasn't so thick, I would be able to have it hanging.

The Kardemumma and Skurar plant pots are super cute as well. I really like the details in box sets. The lace in the Skurar is extremely shabby chic and the designs in the Kardemumma ones just give them a bit of life and personality. Can a plant pot have personality? I guess the answer to that is yes!

Now when it comes to the Rotera Lanterns, I've been buying them for years. I always liked the idea of sitting outside by the light of a candle without it constantly going out. For now I only purchased the 8inch one but I think I'm going to pick up a couple of the larger ones next month. It gets really cold here in the valley at night in the spring so I wouldn't get much use of those if I bought them now anyway.

Lastly, I bought this really Sockerart Vase that can also be used as a pitcher. I didn't buy any faux flowers or plants on my trip to put in them because I really want light blue or pink hydrangeas. Those are becoming my favorite flowers ever and I want to surround myself in those so this is going to be a great start.

All together I only spent $54 which is super awesome! I'm so excited to put more time into making my outdoor space my perfect little wonderland using all the nice and inexpensive things that I can get at Ikea and World Market.

It's only just begun!

Apr 15, 2015

Eye Spy with Investig8

I'm going to preface this by saying that I am not one to condone third party snooping on a significant other. If I have ever felt off about what someone was telling me I always made it very clear to them that I was on to something and requested their phone or password. OR, I just checked their phone while they were in the bathroom but made no attempt to hide the fact.

So, on to Investig8. I guess it's a pretty nifty app for those that don't have the balls to confront their partner with their alleged infidelity, or as they say, if someone wants to know what a child is up to without arousing suspicion. I used this program to check up on myself and to see what would come up if someone went snooping and I guess I have to say that it's pretty accurate. It's a great tool if you want to catch someone in the act of something because I was able to access my text logs and photos remotely which was just as scary as it is cool.

All in all, like I said, it's a program that works but use (and snoop) at your own risk!

Apr 5, 2015

Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oils

I've become really into oils lately because I like how fresh some of them make my place smell. I've stayed away from heavy scents like vanilla and sandalwood in lieu of refreshing ones like peppermint, lemon and lemongrass.

I recently received a package from Instanatural that had two 4oz bottles of essential oils. Originally the package was supposed to contain a lavender one, which I was super excited about, but sadly there were issues with that so the box only contained peppermint and lemon oil.  I was really happy to receive the peppermint oil because I plan on using it to help keep cool during the super hot summer nights. My apt is massive with two story ceiling so I have to keep my central ac under control and this will help a lot.

Along with using the peppermint oil to help keep my body cool after a shower I like using them both to give my apartment a refreshing scent. I mix about two drops of each product into my diffusers that I have places in my bedroom and bathroom and the smell is absolutely amazing. Living in such an airy place now let's it travel down to the main level in my apt as well as out on my balcony. The trust test of these scents though is how it shielded my bedroom in my old apt from the thick and heavy smell of incense (and other things) that greeted me as soon as I left my bedroom!

All in all, these are pretty great. They're really potent, the amount in each bottle is a great amount and I can totally see myself getting their lavender oil as well as their diffuser because I think it a cute design.

Mar 27, 2015

Hyaluronic Acid with Lilac Stem Cells Serum

Out of all the skin care products on the market devised to keep our skin from aging prematurely hyaluronic acid is one that I haven’t really heard much about until recently. According to Natures Tools USA, their Hyaluronic Acid with Lilac Stem Cells Serum does everything a women needs in a skin care product. It’s supposed to remove fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the collagen stimulation, it reduces blackheads, shrinks your pores and helps get rid of blemished left behind by acne. The company also says that this product keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. Those are all some pretty big claims from just one serum that’s being sold for less than $25. 

 Even with a bit of skepticism I decided to give this product a try anyway. Luckily my skin is the type that isn’t very sensitive to products and something will either work well or do absolutely nothing, but it won’t make my skin worse or cause me to break out. I used the product as directed: I washed my face with my cleanser and exfoliator, added the serum to my face and neck and just waited. My skin didn’t feel heavy or tight which I liked and I didn’t feel a burning sensation. 

After two weeks of use I did notice that some blemishes were starting to fade and my skin was looking a bit better without having to use my tinted moisturizer so I was relay happy about that. One thing I know that’s for sure is that I’ll keep using it because I need all the help I can get if I want to keep wrinkles at bay!

Microbiome Plus Probiotic Giveaway

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’m not a massive fan of taking supplements because sometimes I don’t feel it’s worth what they can do to my stomach as well as other random side effects that can pop up.

I’ve reviewed products by Microbiome before and the main takeaway from this and the previous product is that my sensitive stomach isn’t affected by them. I don’t have issues with my blood pressure or cholesterol so I can’t attest to how this works for that. I do however like that it has probiotics because everyone can benefit from making sure their insides are nice and balanced.

This Microbiome Plus Heart Probiotic package came with a 1 month supply, separated into weekly boxes and you’re asked to take one pill with two of your daily meals. This isn’t a bad deal for someone that’s into taking probiotics and is tired of eating yogurt in order to keep their digestive system on point. You can grab the one month supply at Amazon or, you can get one for free courtesy of Microbiome Plus + by entered the giveaway below:

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Mar 17, 2015

Check Your Ovulation...With Something Else

There are a few reasons why a woman wants to know when she's ovulating. It could be because she's using the rhythm method, she's trying to get pregnant, or she just wants to see if she's regular. There are tons of products on the market that could help with that but the product I recently received to test all that out but the Easy Home Ovulation Test

The first issue I had with this product is the design and packaging itself. It looks really cheap and kinda cheesy but maybe that's the point. There isn't much that can be thrown on a box designed to check for ovulation or pregnancy. The next and major issue that I had is that when I used a test the entire window turned light purple. I tried dipping it in the tiniest amount of liquid and the whole thing changed color. Granted, the test lines were very pronounced but that made it seem as if it didn't work.

Finally, when I started playing with the ovulation tests they kept coming up negative. I took them two days apart and it was negative every time but guess what...I obviously did ovulate because my period came within 2 weeks of starting to use these. Hmmm...

I wouldn't recommend these and would advise everyone to steer clear. There are tons of brands out there on the market with higher price tags that I now see would be totally worth it. I wouldn't want reply on a subpar product for something as important as baby (or non baby) making and neither should anyone else.