Nov 17, 2015

Going Natural with Organic Hydrating Serum + Cleanser

I have a friend that is super green. She only eats organic food, her household products are all natural and recently she trashed hundreds of dollars with of skincare and makeup products because of all the chemicals in them. And yes, I almost cried when she did that. She's the reason I eat organic produce and try to be consistent with taking care of my body and even though I'm a huge believer in science, love hardcore skincare products, little by little I'm changing the way I do certain things because she is one to do her research and doesn't have her head in the clouds.

Having said all that, even though I have tons of skincare products that have unpronounceable words I am going to try to change things up so that eventually all of my products are as natural as can be and Purxury's Organic Hydrating Serum and Cleanser is the first item on my list. When I received the package I loved the way the bottle and label looked. Simple, looked like something that could be found in an apothecary shop and with all the ingredients listed on the back. And to my joy the word organic is on 10 of the 15 ingredients in it. With Vitamin E, A and Carrot seed oil, as well as steam-distilled rosewater not needed it.

I used this as a cleanser in the morning and then at night to wash away residue from makeup, sweat from the gym and just being outdoors in general. I followed their directions which is to rub 3 drops to the face and eye area in a circular motion and then using a sot washcloth with warm water and press it into your skin and then wipe off. Pretty simple. The second time I used it though I rubbed it into my skin and then used my Soniclear brush to let it penetrate a bit deeper into my skin and so far I'm loving it.

While I was only sent the serum and cleanser to review the company also let me try some of their handmade soaps which were also a hit! I'm obsessed with the scent of roses lately and to my surprise I was sent a sample of their rose, honey, and detox charcoal which I've been hearing nothing but good things about so that was pretty cool. Oh, and the serum has an expiration date and comes in a dark bottle. These are key because sometimes light can ruin the effects of a lot of vitamins and because they contain no preservatives they still last about a year but no longer than that. However, I'm sure the serum will be used up a lot quicker than that.

Now I know that most of my readers are avid Sephora shoppers and are pro chemicals but I urge you to give this product a try. I'll be writing a lot about natural skin care products and hopefully makeup once I find the right ones for me so this is a great way to start. And because my readers are super awesome, Purxury is letting you guys get 20% off using the discount code: Fascination20.

Try this and their their soaps out and let me know what you think!

Nov 13, 2015

Embracing the Scent of the Holiday Season with Glade®

Embracing the Scent of the Holiday Season with Glade®

While I adore the spring and summer because it lets me wear cute dresses, sandals and go to the beach all the time. But with that said I really love the holiday season and all of the great things surrounding it..

I have a very close knit family in which I consider my cousins not just my best friends, but my sisters. While we always have a great time when we're together, it's even more so during the holidays. Growing up in New York City means I had the most festive holiday season ever. The street lights were decorated, Rockefeller Center screamed Christmas and if you turned the right corner you'd see oversized ornaments taking over the median on Park Ave.

For this holiday season I’ll be staying in Los Angeles, away from my family, and so it’s nice to feel the holiday spirit all around my apartment when I come home from work or when I’m lounging around. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t seen snow or felt the super crisp air of winter since I live in the land of summer, as I always mention.

I firmly believe that scents have a connection to powerful memories so I was happy to be offered the chance to give the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection a try and share my thoughts on it. I decided to try some jar candles, PlugIns® Scented Oils and premium room sprays in the new SHARE THE SPIRIT™, SEND A LITTLE LOVE™ and BE AT PEACE™ fragrances. The new fragrances from the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection was created to help embody the special moments that have been shared with friends and family and each scent reminds me of the holidays and spending time together with family and friends.

I decided to put my SHARE THE SPIRIT ™ Jar Candle in my bathroom because I spend a lot of time there getting ready or taking a relaxing bath and I found the scent very relaxing and soothing. It fills the room with notes of vanilla biscotti™ and creates a warmth that makes me feel fuzzy inside. It reminds me of spending time with the people I care about the most. I also used the same scent in the PlugIns® Scented Oil for my bedroom because I love to smell the fragrance when I’m relaxing and reading a book.

When it came to my living room I wanted a candle that not only looked like it was decor for the holiday season but made my apartment smell festive too. The BE AT PEACE™ Jar Candle did the trick. Placing it at the center of my massive coffee table made it pop because it was a nice contrast to the browns and reds in my living room. Not only did the jar candle look amazing but the scent of balsam fir & juniper totally puts me in the holiday spirit.

To keep all areas of my apartment smelling like the holiday season.  I placed the Glade® Premium Room Spray in the SHARE THE SPIRIT™ fragrance in my guest bathroom. It’s a perfect fit because I love the color of the can and it’s such a unique scent that makes me feel like the holidays are already here.

Overall I think the new Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection fragrances are great and give a nice touch to your home during the holiday season. So head over to your nearest Kroger or banner store and let me know which fragrance is your favorite!

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Nov 10, 2015

Roll On Bottles for Essential Oils

I'm a huge fan of aromatherapy these days and always want to have my favorite scents handy. I've had a lot of stressors in my life over the past year and have been working hard on ways to stay relaxed when I felt like anxiety was kicking in or I was just having a super bad day.

When I'm home, I can always burn my lavender or rose oils but that's not so easy to do on the go. I was recently given rosewater for that specific reason but I didn't just want to spritz it on my face so being able to put it in one of these roll on bottles was perfect!

I got a six pack of Aster Essentials Glass Roll On Bottles with red caps and was easily able to fill them up with rose water in order to keep them in my purses. So far I haven't had any leaks or issues with the metal ball coming off. Plus, since I'm using rose water instead of a perfume or oil there isn't any issue with the scent getting all weird from rubbing.

I'm going to try this with my vanilla and lavender oil as well as peppermint because those make me feel good and are great pick me ups. If you make your own oils or want to have some for on the go or plane travel I suggest getting some of these. Plus, you can get them with silver, blue, green or red tops, whatever matches your mood.

Bumble Bee SuperFresh Tilapia- Who Knew!

Thank you Bumble Bee for sponsoring this post. Check our store locator to find where you can try Bumble Bee SuperFresh® fresh frozen seafood products nearest you!
Carb free dinner at its best!
I love cooking but with a full time job and blogging 24/7 sometimes I can't find the time. I've been eating out a few times a week but feel awful for doing so because I know that it's bad for my wallet and my waistline. 

I love beef but can never really make a perfect steak and while I adore chicken there aren't many quick and easy ways to cook it so it's become a really boring dish for me. But fish...I love fish. It cooks quick, is super tasty and is very very good for you. However my only issue with fish is that I don’t season it well. No matter how long I try to marinate it it just always comes out tasting like the sea because I guess I never marinate for long enough.

Lucky for my time and tastebuds Bumble Bee came out with their Bumble Bee SuperFresh® line of products that are an amazing addition to my freezer. I’m used to only eating their tuna so was a bit skeptical to try their super fresh options because I normally buy my fish fresh but hey, everything is worth try if it can save me time and put something tasty on my plate.

I purchased both the tilapia and salmon but decided to start with the tilapia because it’s my favorite type of fish. The instructions were easy enough and with a 25 minute cook time I was able to prep my side(s) and catch up on my emails, Instagram and all the other feeds that I check regularly.

The fish came vacuum sealed and it was obvious that the amount of seasoning was minimal. Bumble Bee SuperFresh® offers unparalleled quality. Their seafood is "fish forward"-which means they have nothing to hide under heavy breading, sauces, or a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. Their recipes compliment the amazing protein that they start with in order to bring out the best of the seafood and that they certainly do!

I liked how the fish was packaged and that it came with the parchment paper that it will be used to cook in. And Bumble Bee SuperFresh®  smells and tastes amazing. No fishy smells here.Because you prepare Bumble Bee SuperFresh® straight from the freezer, there isn’t any smell associated with thawing fish. And our frozen protein has stayed that way from harvest to your oven unlike most of the “fresh” fish you find at the seafood counter. That means it is fresh tasting, and fresh smelling.

I've been eating a lot of carbs lately so decided against cooking the fish with rice or pasta and instead made it with veggies. So i decided on spinach, onions and a pepper mix for my sides. I get organic produce delivered weekly and am obsessed with spinach so this was the best way for me to go.

While the fish was cooking I sautéed the spinach, onions and peppers so they'd have a really nice flavor once they were done. And as this was going on the smell from my oven was heavenly. Immediately after opening the tilapia I smelled the peppers and lemon instantly and this was being magnified as it cooked but not in an overwhelming way.

I love the smell of sautéed garlic and veggies!

I wish I could share the smell of my kitchen with you guys! It doesn't smell like fish, it smelled like heaven. The fact that I didn't have to thaw it out meant there wasn't a chance that my apt would smell fishy. I was able to time it so that the veggies and fish were done at the same time as to not let anything get cold so as soon as I plated the vegetables the fish was ready to to added. 

Then came the moment of truth and I was pleasantly surprised. The fish tastes...well, super fresh, and the seasoning was perfect. What a difference fresh lemon makes! Combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shallots, black pepper and other natural ingredients our recipe brings out the clean, fresh flavor of premium tilapia. I was able to taste the fish as well as lemon, peppers and other herbs without anything being overpowering. The size was really good too and it's the perfect portion for someone that doesn't want to overeat.

Bumble Bee SuperFresh® is a complete line of naturally-seasoned, restaurant quality, “fish-forward” prepared seafood solutions for the home. It raises the bar for what seafood lovers can expect from frozen food! I'm excited to try every product in their line and love knowing that I can keep these in my freezer whenever I want to switch things up with my meals. Check out their site to receive a coupon that will let you try them out yourselves!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Nov 8, 2015

The Hyaluronic Craze Continues

Out of all the skin care products on the market devised to keep our skin from aging prematurely hyaluronic acid is one that I haven’t really heard much about until recently. According to Aura Naturel, their Vita C Elixir with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C does everything a women needs in a skin care product. It’s supposed to remove fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the collagen stimulation, it reduces blackheads, shrinks your pores and helps get rid of blemished left behind by acne. The company also says that this product keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. Those are all some pretty big claims from just one serum that’s being sold for less than $15. 

 Even with a bit of skepticism I decided to give this product a try anyway. Luckily my skin is the type that isn’t very sensitive to products and something will either work well or do absolutely nothing, but it won’t make my skin worse or cause me to break out. I used the product as directed: I washed my face with my cleanser and exfoliator, added the serum to my face and neck and just waited. My skin didn’t feel heavy or tight which I liked and I didn’t feel a burning sensation. 

After a few days of use I did notice that some blemishes were starting to fade and my skin was looking a bit better without having to use my tinted moisturizer so I was relay happy about that. One thing I know that’s for sure is that I’ll keep using it because I need all the help I can get if I want to keep wrinkles at bay!

If you want to enjoy 10% off a bottle of this product click here and mention where you heard about it. Then of course, let me know what you think! 

Nov 6, 2015

At Home Spa Wax Kit

photo by BodyHonee

I despise shaving. I always end up cutting myself, missing spots and I always have to do it every few days in order to stay smooth. PLUS, the super smoothness only lasts about a few hours so if I want my boyfriend to comment on it I have to time my shaving time right. Kinda of annoying, right?

So instead I wax. It lasts weeks, I don't have to deal with any burning cuts and aside from the quick pain associated during the process it's virtually pain free. But then here's the thing about it: it can be costly. I get my legs, underarms and lady parts waxed every six weeks and that adds up! I did my legs and underarms less often when I was living in New York City but now that I'm wearing skits without tights for a few more months that just won't do. Besides, my boyfriend loves the smoothness of my skin!

I've never thought about trying to wax myself because I'm a bit of a chicken but I'm a huge fan of trying new things and saving money so when BodyHonee offered to let me try their all natural Spa Wax I couldn't say no.

Before I attempted the product I made sure to not shave for a few days in order to have something for the wax to hold on to and then I of course read the instructions. One fear that I have with at home waxing is burning myself so I followed the instructions step by step. And I have to say that they were extremely clear. I wanted to start with my underarms because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough strips for my legs so I made my boyfriend give me a hand with that. We tested the wax, as instructed, to make sure that it wasn't too hot and off we went. We were both scared to do it. Him of hurting me and me of the pain but once I instructed him on the exact way to pull we got a decent amount out in one shot. We kept on going until everything was gone and then proceeded on the other arm. This isn't something that I'd be able to do myself I think but it's nice to have a partner in crime to help with the process.

All in all it wasn't a bad kit and I think I might be using it for my legs as well. The instructions to state that it shouldn't be used on skin that's currently being treated with glycolic acid or retinol so I won't be able to use it on my face but I'll be able to use it anywhere else.

BodyHonee's Spa Wax Kit is made with natural products, quick and easy to use and can be used by both men and women. For $19.99 it's not a bad deal considering the fact that I spend about $175 every 6 weeks for my waxing. Talk about ouch!

A One Step Product for Better Skin

As a skincare addict I am always looking for products that will treat all of my skin issues with the least amount of products possible. The main things that I want to keep up with is smooth skin, reducing the signs of aging via elasticity and fine lines and keeping it from looking dull. My ultimate goal is to leave my apartment with just a moisturizer with SPF and have glowing, even toned skin and that's where Clearista Retexturizing Gel comes in hand.

Not only is it a product that can be used in addition to a cleanser as an exfoliator but can also be used once a week as a mask for a "mini-facial". So far I've used this product for a couple of days and can already start to notice that my skin is a bit smoother. I decided to stop using my other exfoliators in lieu of this just to see if it worked well on its own and it did wonders.

Usually after I do my morning routine my skin doesn't look or feel hydrated but with the Clearista Retexturizing Gel it did. Not only that but when I used my constantly talked about Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF my skin looked better. People don't normally notice my skin except to comment that it looks amazing but yesterday two people actually commented on how healthy it looked and asked me what my secret was.

A 3 fl. oz tube runs $52.00 and lasts about a month and a half. If you're not ready to jump into a full size bottle they also come in small travel sized ones where 2 .5 oz tubes go for $29. Trust me, they're worth it. We only have one face and nothing beats looking 5-10 years younger without having to resort to surgeries or needles. Do yourself a favor and give this this product a try!

You're welcome ;-)