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Aug 22, 2017

Mixing it Up at the Breakfast Table with Shredded Wheat Cereals

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A better day begins with a better breakfast, and having a breakfast that is packed with flavorful goodness is what every family deserves. With three new Shredded Wheat varieties from Post® Cereals available at Walmart, it’s easy to please adults and kids alike.
You can try out these delicious new varieties with this cashback offer from ibotta.

And don’t forget to show recipes featuring Post cereals some love on Pinterest.
Whatever you’re into, fuel it with Shredded Wheat. Now in three new exciting flavors ready to inspire your next pursuit.

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Aug 16, 2017

Avocado Club Salad

Let's talk about salads. People love them, people hate them, I personally find them okay if they're not made with a lot of lettuce. This is why I tend to make super easy salads that are pretty much filled with nothing but protein and of course, my favorite ingredient ever: avocados!

I've been slacking in the kitchen department lately but now that I have a space that is perfect for cooking, I've been getting into it a bit more. But because it's summer, I don't want to overdo it with things that will make the studio space super hot. So without further ado, here's a super yummy salad that I put together with just five ingredients. And yes, there are some greens hiding in there!

how tasty does this look?

Five Things I Do For a Good Nights Rest

Photo by Theo

Whenever sleep actually hits me I think it's safe to say that I'm a great sleeper. I'll wake up in the same position that I went to bed in and I feel 100% rested. These days are super rare but when they hit they're pretty damn amazing!

But of course I do tend to have 3-4 nights a week where I get no sleep. Like none whatsoever unless I take a xanax or over the counter sleeping pill. On the nights that I don't get sleep it's usually because I'm super stressed, I'm sore from working out, or my medication keeps me super antsy. Because of this I make sure that I've got everything I need to combat restlessness at the drop of a hat. Here five things that I always make sure are done and/or super close to me to ensure that I try to get the best sleep possible.

1. Salt Lamp

While I start to shut down for the night I turn this lamp on and try to make it the only light in my sleep area. Salt lamps have a ton of benefits that you can read about in this post, so having one near by bed is essential! I love that I can have this bright enough to get minor things together before going to bed, and even read a magazine while I'm unwinding, but then dim enough where I can keep it on at night for all of its benefits without making it hard to sleep. I keep mine right next to my bed, alongside my rose quartz stone, and I swear it does wonders for helping me get relaxed before bed.

2. Disconnect

Because my family and closest friends are all on the east coast I always had my phone on in case someone had a faux emergency that they needed to text me about. This isn't something I minded so much on a regular basis but it was tough on those days that I finally went to bed like an hour before the messages started. Because of this I started putting my phone on airplane mode so that I wouldn't get distracted by the messages and I was also preventing those pesky little WiFi rays from getting to me!

3. Eye Mask

 I started wearing these two years ago when I was really stressed out about a move. I was physically exhausted at the time but my brain wouldn't shut off. I never had proper curtains in the apartment that I was living in and sometimes if the building across from me was dealing with a lot on construction there would still be lights on even after dark. Once I started using an eye mask I committed to it. When I wear it I don't take it off unless I'm getting up to use the restroom or need to get some water. In the past I've gotten up in the middle of the night and immediately got on my phone. This not only gave me some negative energy (from the WiFi and the light) but also restarted my brain, making it hard to get back to sleep. With my eye mask rule in place I never get distracted in the middle of the night by my phone because I can't see it. The eye masks that I use are all from Virgin Atlantic, Air France or Air Berlin. There's something awesome about taking international red eye flights and that something is their travel kits that they give out even if you're only flying coach!

4. Mouth Guard

Because of all the stress that I keep experiencing on and off I'm starting doing things that I've never done before. Most of these involuntarily. One such thing is grinding my teeth at night. I spend hundreds of dollars on Invisalign, as well as almost two years with aligners in, so it's really important that I do not mess up my teeth. Plus, whenever I grind my teeth I wake up with awful headaches. This didn't happen every night but when it did it was awful and annoying. I've been using this GrindReliefN Grind Guard for the last few weeks and I haven't been waking up with headaches anymore from grinding my teeth. Both my doctor and dentist told me that my headaches were caused by involuntary grinding due to stress while I slept so having this was a must for me.

Of course they're normally super expensive so being able to get these was awesome. I was able to fit these really easy the way most grinders get fitted. I put these in hot water to heat them up, put them in my mouth to fit, and then rinsed them in cold water for a about a minute after and then fit them again. I did this by following the instructions as well as by looking up reviews online. Grind Guard gave me a $10 off coupon that my readers can use to get this on Amazon: SBDCHYYT. Just make sure you purchase it from My Quest Store in order for it to work.

5. Relax with Essential Oils

Staying in tune with the idea of finding natural ways to relax my mind, I've been using essential oils a lot in my every day life. I use it clean (hello tea tree oil!), to relax my mind throughout the day and before bed (lavender and rose oils) and then after my shower. Before going to bed every night I put my diffuser in the bathroom and take  a long warm shower. The lavender oil is super calming and that, mixed with the warm water, helps me relax mentally and physically--or at least that's what the plan is! I always make sure to take super deep breaths when I'm doing that because it makes me focus on why I'm doing what I'm doing and kinda gives me that extra relaxing push. Once I'm done in the shower I pat myself down so that I'm not soaking wet and rub my rose argan oil all over. I've become obsessed with argan oil ever since my friend introduced me to it earlier this year and I've finally found the brand that I am going to stick with 100%! Acure Organics has the best argan oil in the affordable range so I always have at least two bottles on reserve and stock up on them whenever they're having a sale. So not only do I put something on that's really great for my skin, but I get enveloped with the super calming scent of roses which totally helps me in the sleep department.

This may all sound like hippie methods to getting a good nights rest and I can always go back to taking prescription or over the counter medication to get immediately shut eye but I'm trying to move away from that. Aside from not being able to travel with my salt lamp, all of the other methods that I've been using to try to get a decent nights rest can be done anywhere and I think that if I continue to stick with it I'll have more restful nights than not.

Aug 15, 2017

Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge

The new dream team

I started using these konjac sponges two summers ago when they came into my radar as a way to wash my face without needing cleanser. That's something I was super skeptical about! I've never washed without cleanser---ever! But lo and behold, Pooter's Cache was given to me to try out and give my thoughts on it.

Initially, none of the sponges that I've seen on the market mentioned that it could be used with a cleanser so I was really happy when I saw that this one was promoted differently. I'm a sucker for a product and old habits die hard! But because I wanted to see how the sponge made my face feel I chose to use it for two straight days without using any cleanser or makeup! I did of course use my argan oil moisturizer afterwards because I'm trying to use it every single day no matter what.

and it's pretty huge too!

The result of using this sponge was that my face did feel nice and smooth and I got to exfoliate my face naturally which, as you can see from my photo above, is where my skincare is headed. It's a fun new tool that looks a bit tricky when dry but once it's nice and wet it's ready to get to work on those dead skin cells and that's a win. Plus, the fact that it's a natural product means it's one of the products that will stick with me after December since I plan on going 100% natural by the end of 2017.

Creating a Shabby Chic Living Space

I've learned from years of obsessing over decor blogs and magazines that if you don't have a pretty coffee table then you don't really have a coffee table at all. A cute coffee table is totally the key to not only having a showable living space but also a really enjoyable one. It's a great place to keep your tablet/laptop, a few magazines and yes, even that infamous cup of coffee when you're getting ready to get your day started.

Once I realized that this studio was a legit thing and that I had to decorate it I went a little crazy looking for the perfect items. I didn't want to spend too much but had to stick with my love of all things Shabby Chic. And because it's a studio and the living room area was going to be the first thing anyone saw I had to make sure that whichever one I got was the right one.

I initially painted a bathroom bench white and added a lucite tray to it but while it was totally cute, I could barely put a cup on it! Le sigh! But two weeks after moving in I tagged along on an Ikea trip and the table of my dreams was there.

Now I had seen this Ikea nesting table before but totally forgot about it so I was head over heels when it came back into my life and I nabbed it up before forgetting about it again. What I love about this table is that it's got a great design while still being super simple. It has the ability to stand on it's own as well as blend with other pieces without losing it's appeal. The thin body and glass tops help keep the space open and the two tiered design give it a unique look that helps keep a space from looking plain and boring.

I ain't saying she a goal digger

Once I got the table I needed to add a few items to pretty it but without cluttering it. I'm obsessed with table trays and after months of search for one that I liked, this includes trying to find one for my last apt, I settled on a wood one that's white with a gold leaf design. It's a nice size for the items that I had on top of it but also for the rare occasion that I''ll be serving up breakfast in bed. In the meantime though I spruced up the tray with satin peonies in a mason and a large flame less candle. I also keep my planner on it because the colors match perfectly and I don't like having too much dead space on the tray.

Now there's a not so secret secret area between the two tiers and that's where I keep things that are super cute to look at and are used sometimes. Like once a month or so. I have a refinery style book and my iPad with it's very girly case. I have the book there because the cover is really nice and blends in with the table and iPad cover well.

To tie it all in I got this really cute shag rug from Amazon that while it's not the best, it was affordable and works with the space. I do wish that I got a 5x7 instead of a 3x5 but you know, lessons learned. All in all I'm happy with how I put that area together. I don't have the greatest eye for decor but I'm getting a a lot better and this is proof of it!

Start Your Morning Right With Shredded Wheat

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PerfectionWithPost #CerealAnytime #CollectiveBias

A better day begins with a better breakfast, and having a breakfast that is packed with flavorful goodness is what every family deserves. With three new Shredded Wheat varieties from Post® Cereals available at Walmart, it’s easy to please adults and kids alike.
You can try out these delicious new varieties with this cashback offer from ibotta.

And don’t forget to show recipes featuring Post cereals some love on Pinterest.
Whatever you’re into, fuel it with Shredded Wheat. Now in three new exciting flavors ready to inspire your next pursuit.

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Aug 13, 2017

End the Summer with Flirty Outfits

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FindYourTone #CollectiveBias

Oh summer. Bare legs, short airy dresses and flirty sandals. There's nothing I like better than taking off a thick, heavy coat or long flowy sweater. Well no, let me say that I absolutely love fall fashion but lately I've been huge on celebrating the freeness of summer. This summer I had the chance to attend a lot of events and being that my birthday is in the summer, I always feel like I have a few more than others. Because of this I tend to plan a lot more outfits than I will probably wear. Or that was the case when I was living back in NYC. Now that I'm in LA, I really do have endless summers. Still, summer is pretty special.

Now when I think of summer wear I have to always think about how my body is going to be (and look) while I'm wearing cute dresses. My go to moisturizer is argan oil. I don't use lotions, just this. It works super well to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated during the summer (or anytime of year actually). But to get things started I have to make sure that my skin is nice and scrubbed and this is where my Tone® Body Wash comes in. Out of the two that I'm currently using, the Tone® Blissful Awakening Body Wash one is my favorite. Why? Because I love coffee, so anything with caffeine is a win. But also because I love the scent. It makes me feel really relaxed and helps wake me up by giving me something to smell in the shower that isn't just regular soap. Plus, the scent of vanilla is totally heavenly to me.

For the final days of official summer I'm trying to find reasons to go out a lot. I'm looking for any excuse to wear one of my dresses that should only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I got a few new shoes last week for my upcoming trip which pair well with a few dresses I plan to wear.

First, I have this light brown dress that I was given years ago but never really thought of wearing. Looking back though I see that it's an awesome dress to wear during super breezy days because of it's length. After all, I don't plan on being a flasher anytime soon. Pairing this airy dress with very low key but super cute sandals is going to be a win. And because I have an array of sunglasses, my large brown ones that I got at Forever 21 last year are the ones I'd have to pair them with.

coffee and a body wash with caffeine? Count me in!

Now to contrast a dark outfit, I have this other flirty H&M dress that I got for a wedding six years ago. I love that brand and when something is well taken care of the clothes can last and last! I actually also wore this dress for a low key wedding two summers ago down in Mexico so it's proven its worth. A light dress like this is very rare for me so the fact that it's one of my favorites now is earth shattering. This dress is going to be paired with not one but two new pieces to my wardrobe. The purse below is another piece I normally wouldn't wear because of it's bold patterns and colors but it's quickly become my favorite. That paired with black, lace flats and the outfit is perfectly put together. You can bet that these two are going with me to New Orleans next week!

As I mentioned above, having a body wash with a refreshing scent is the best way to get clean while waking me up at the same time.  #HowITone: I explored all the scents in the Tone rainbow to find the body was that was perfect for me. When I smelled the Petal Soft Body Wash I felt very relaxed and it took me back to my days of starting out using essential oils to lift my mood. This of course was a contrast to how the Blissful Awakening scent helped wake me up physically and mentally. If you're an avid reader of my blog you know that I'm obsessed with the scent of roses. It's super relaxing and makes me feel like a brand new person whenever I envelop myself in it. This body wash does a great job of giving me that feeling that I always love when I'm smelling roses. It really reminds me of when I started using essential oils to use aromatherapy as a way to chill out and relax! Which is a total contrast to my love of coffee!

roses and coffee, two of my favorite things!

I really thing you guys should check out how other people Tone on Instagram! And if you want to see what all the fuss is all about make sure to take advantage of IBOTTA's offer where you can earn $2 when you buy two Tone Body Washes at Walmart. Trust me, you'll be buying more than two once you get a chance to check out all of their washes and scents and #FindYourTone! Catch them before they're all gone because once people start soaking up the scents in these washes they're probably going to go fast!

Tone Body Wash in the soap aisle at Walmart

Aug 9, 2017

Brow Wow!

Eyebrows are all the rage these days. Ten years ago when everyone was overplucking I always made sure that my ladies kept my brows "thick and clean". As time has gone on though I've noticed that my brows aren't as full as they used to be. And I'm also finding some bald spots. On. My. Brows! It's a travesty. This is why I'm always on the hunt for a product that's going to give me the look of fuller brows without having to painstakingly pain each "hair" in.  I've used so many brow pencils before but I think using a natural brow fibers, like Divaderme are the way to go!

I like the idea of fibers because they're more natural looking than something painted into my skin. Because the fibers are a bit fuzzy, they create a look that's more hair like. And while I know that I won't look out of place with drawn on eyebrows because it's what everyone is doing, it still doesn't feel natural to me at all.i

These brow fibers come in a ton of colors, so you can be a blonde or have deep black hair and you'll find a shade for you. The pigment in these is also lasting. I wore mine for an entire day and when I got up in the morning after not washing my face the night before (shame on me!), my browns still looked really full. 

This Divaderme enhancer allows you to precisely fill in, color and shape your brows in seconds. You’ve already dyed your hair – now you need your eyebrows to match. For added convenience, it's available in five, vibrant shades – light blonde, ash blonde brown, cappuccino brown, chocolate brown and espresso brown – to provide the perfect color for any female. Best of all, each richly colored hue beautifully fills in overplucked eyebrows and covers gray hairs completely to build a perfectly shaped, textured brow.
Infused with natural moisturizers and herbal extracts + vitamin treatment, this extender will stimulate, strengthen and condition your brows in 4 to 6 weeks. Simply apply to the brow area and brush the applicator back and forth so the Natural Clay + Fibers grip onto the skin and hair, building breathtaking, semi-permanent brows on the spot.

Aug 8, 2017

Hair Care From The Inside

I've got hair drama. Dra-Mah! And aside from the frizz, dryness, and the fact that it hates the LA weather, my scalp can get super dry sometimes. Because I use keratin shampoos on my hair the last thing I want to do is apply a shampoo that's stinky or that won't work with my shampoos and conditioners. I also have the option of applying my argan or monoi oil on my scalp to keep the dryness at bay but then they'll make my hair too greasy. It's a lose lose.

Oh, but then I tried out these pills from Lomalux that not only relief dandruff, if that's your issue, but also help with annoying scalp dryness or itchiness. These pills are to be taken once a day, with the exact number based on your body weight, and after three weeks results are hopefully noticeable. In my case, I tried these with my regular regiment of conditioner with argan oil as well as my light, leave in serum, and I'm not as itchy as I've been lately. I've also been washing my hair a lot less which may or may not have helped a lot.

As always, when it comes to any kind of supplement I focus on how they make my body feel. These are a good size and are easy to swallow. Plus I haven't experienced any discomfort or irritation from them which you should all know by now, is a major plus for me. And because these have natural minerals, are vegan and lactose/gluten free, they're a good, natural alternative to dandruff shampoos. These can be purchased online here or in the vitamin aisle at Walgreens. So if you can't stop the scratching then hop to it! Your dark fall clothes will thank you for it ;-)

Jul 28, 2017

Dress Up a Cute Dress with a Versatile Purse

Summer is coming to an end so that means that I have to take advantage of it like crazy! I spent so many days relaxing indoors with the ac one but because of that I missed out on a lot of days where I could have worn super cute outfits. I also didn't have all the accessories needed to feel like I was truly embracing summer.

One of those accessories was a super cute purse. This Vintage Patchwork Crossbody Purse I have is really cool and super versatile but it's more of a M-F fall/winter purse. It's dark, made really well, but the colors, material and style don't scream summer. This purse that I got from ___ however does!

While it is a dark color it fits really well with most of my summer outfits, like the dress and shoes above. The size is perfect for a carefree day out having brunch with friends or a day out at the farmers market. It's made really well and fits all of my everyday necessities while not being too bulky. I'm excited to take it with me on a trip that I'm taking in a few days because I know it'll hold everything I need while blending in with my outfits perfectly. This purse comes in different colors and while I was on the fence on which one to choose from, I opted for the darker one because it the color works better in the fall. It also goes well in warmer months because while it's dark, it's not big and overpowering.

When I put this outfit together I had a flirty and versatile idea in mind which is why I paired it with my lace flats. I just got these last week and they are super duper comfy! The contrast between those, the dress, and purse somehow fit really well and make for a really great outfit. Having it be a cross body bag also lets me let loose while I'm on the go. Because it's across from me I don't have to worry too much about it catching on something or someone grabbing it if I'm not fully aware of my surroundings, which yes, I know is super bad, but it's a perfect reason to own a cross body purse, right?

All in all it's something that at first I was hesistant to wear out because it totally doesn't look like it's my style but after trying it out with a few outfits I'm convinced that it was a good get and I'm glad I was given the chance to dress outside of my box!

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