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Jun 26, 2017

New Carry On Favorite: Laptop Bag with Charging Port

I'm going to be doing some traveling now that the summer is here and as someone who's always writing it's very important that I have my laptop with me. This way I can write when I am trapped in a flying bird with zero distractions.

Having said all that it's super important that I keep my laptop accessible and safe which is where this laptop bag comes in. I've been using a regular book bag to travel with my laptop for years on end but when I saw this bag I had to give it a try and I'm so glad I did.

This laptop bag by IBAGBAR is really stylish and it makes me want to carry my laptop around everywhere. I like that it has a compartment for the laptop, with a Velcro strap to secure it it, and space to carry other things which in my case would be my blanket (if I'm flying) and my iPad. The best feature in this though is the USB port that comes out from the front of the bag to charge pretty much anything.

I've traveled where I couldn't find a USB port at the airport and have had to take my laptop halfway out of my book bag in order to charge my phone. With this I can make sure that anything needing charging gets taken care of by having my laptop plugged into it from the inside. Or on the flip side I can attach my external battery pack to it and charge up without worrying about something falling out of my bag while I have it open halfway.

Overall it's an amazing bag and I'm glad I was able to get my hands on it. The darker color is a great change from my bright book bag that I've been using and I also like that it's more compact yet just as roomy!

Jun 25, 2017

Must Have Cooking Gadget: Food Thermometer

I love cooking. Love love love it! And while I know that I've slowed down with the food posts on the blog soon you'll get bored with the abundance of them. Or not really. Actually def not. You'll be salivating while reading every post. I'm the meantime though since I'm getting my kitchen back together I'm starting to buy all the nifty little tools that I know will be needed to make my food look awesome while it's being cooked as well as amazing when it's presented.

While I love presenting super good looking food I have to always keep in mind that the food has to taste good as well and be cooked thoroughly so I got myself a cool thermometer again (I gave away my last one) to ensure that all the meats I cook come out right. Usually when I'm making food I judge it based on how it looks on the outside and then cut a huge gash in the middle of it but because I mostly cook for my blog now I can't ugly up all of my food. I need to make sure that they'll look pretty as well as not making me sick by cooking them all the way. 

This is why I love using my food thermometer. It lets me know where I am with my cooking without totally butchering it. Now the one I had before this one had one extra feature that I liked which was that it told me the ideal temperature for different types of meats on the thermometer itself, which this one doesn't. But aside from that it does the job and not having that guide on the stick gives me an extra reason to have my iPad permanently on display on my counter for those times that I need to look it up while following a recipe.

LED Light Acne Therapy

When it comes to acne solutions there are a tons of products on the market that claim to be the last thing you will ever need. Added to that, technology and skincare is fusing and tons of gadgets are on the market now as the hottest things your bathroom counter needs.

I've used those fun light masks from Neutrogena and higher end companies and I think they're super fun. I mean, it's a mask that you get to put on your face that uses light therapy to help with wrinkles, acne, or saggy skin--whatever your skin needs help with the most.

But sometimes I don't have time to have something cover my face completely because maybe I wanna watch tv or the lights are bothering my face so I like that this Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy is a non invasive way to treat current acne flare ups as well as prevent future ones. It's super easy to use, provides on the spot treatment, and it's small enough to put in my cosmetics case when I travel.

To use it just make sure the light therapy is fully charged and put the blue light, which is what dermatologists recommend, for 3 minutes daily until the pimple is gone. I don't normally get pimples that flare up a ton but I do have ones that I kill right when I feel them creeping up. I've been using these on those massive, deep pimples that I get once every few months and I'm happy to say that I prevented one from turning into the one eyed monster we all fear.

I'm liking this so far and because I don't get acne flare ups all the time it's perfect for someone like me. Now if only they'd come out with one that helps slow down the signs of aging and I'd jump on that right away!

Jun 23, 2017

Battery Pack for Camping Trip: Check!

This summer my family is doing a crazy hike on the Appalachian Trail to celebrate someone's milestone. Am I into it? Not really. But will I do it? Hell yea! I've been walking a ton because of my Fitbit and while I've never been camping before, it seems like something super cool to do. Plus my cousins are a trip so I know I'll be laughing more than thinking about sleeping in a tent.

Because of this I've decided that we need tons of provisions! There's no way I'm going into the woods without being able to charge my phone or Fitbit, let alone without coffee every morning! Priorities here! So it's great that I was given an external battery charger to write about. It's like the internet knew what I was planning this summer.

The Dark Energy charger by Poseidon is more than just an extmernal battery pack. It's super duper rugged and is water proof so it's perfect for going into the woods as it's weather resistant as well. It's also got a flashlight setting as well as an SOS beacon. Yea, it has that. I've never had an external battery with this included.

As far as charging my phone goes, the USB cable that comes with this is protected really well which adds to the ruggedness of it at. I'm hoping to get a solar charger that I can fill this up with when we go on our hiking trip. I'm so happy that this came right when I was making plans for the trip and can't wait to put it to the test!

Jun 22, 2017

True White Whitening Kit

I'm a coffee drinker. I'm a tea drinker. I'm a damn red wine drinker! So of course all of those things lead to not having the super white teeth that I used to have a couple of years ago. Sadness! So while I've been wanting to get my teeth whitened for ages, I'm super cheap when it comes to some things and I have zero plans to stop drinking the aforementioned beverages so I'v,e been on the hunt for a really good whitener.

I've used a lot of whitening toothpastes and some have done a better job than others but none have made me amazed. And of course I've used the whitening strips but they pretty much suck!

So I ended up getting this whitening kit by True White to try out and give you guys my opinion on. I've gotta say that after a week of using it my teeth do feel a whole lot cleaner in general but I haven't seen the whiteness come in yet. Maybe I just need more time? I don't know. The idea of it is really cool but I was thrown off by the fact that I needed to use batteries to get the light to turn on. It makes me wonder if it would be a waste of time when the battery starts to die out or if it just shuts off when the battery doesn't supply the power that it needs.

Personally I'm not 100% sold on this yet as a whitener but I totally love the clean feelings that my mouth after eating food all day. I'm going to keep using it though to see if maybe I just have tougher stains than the norm due to my excessive coffee drinking but the fact that it's only battery operated still makes it feel as if it won't work as well as other whitening products that this company has on the market. I'm eager to give one of those a try because I think they'll have a quicker affect on me based on my needs.

Jun 20, 2017

Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge

The new dream team

I started using these konjac sponges two summers ago when they came into my radar as a way to wash my face without needing cleanser. That's something I was super skeptical about! I've never washed without cleanser---ever! But lo and behold, Pooter's Cache was given to me to try out and give my thoughts on it.

Initially, none of the sponges that I've seen on the market mentioned that it could be used with a cleanser so I was really happy when I saw that this one was promoted differently. I'm a sucker for a product and old habits die hard! But because I wanted to see how the sponge made my face feel I chose to use it for two straight days without using any cleanser or makeup! I did of course use my argan oil moisturizer afterwards because I'm trying to use it every single day no matter what.

and it's pretty huge too!

The result of using this sponge was that my face did feel nice and smooth and I got to exfoliate my face naturally which, as you can see from my photo above, is where my skincare is headed. It's a fun new tool that looks a bit tricky when dry but once it's nice and wet it's ready to get to work on those dead skin cells and that's a win. Plus, the fact that it's a natural product means it's one of the products that will stick with me after December since I plan on going 100% natural by the end of 2017.

Jun 16, 2017

Puredome Electric Wine Decanter

I've been using wine aerators and decanters for quite some time now but I've never used one that was electric. Usually the ones I've gotten with wine kits were those little clear ones that bubble my red wine as it passes through. They're tiny, made of plastic mostly, and don't ever need to be charged because they don't require power.

The aerator by puredome is a completely different story though and I don't know how much I like it. I'm super techy so i was happy to get this to play with but not only is it kinda weird, but it requires a lot for something I can get in a plastic tube. Plus, I can clean those in the dishwasher, this I cannot. It does come with instructions as well that are very detailed so if you're confused about how to use this, you won't be for very long because it's even got photos to guide you perfectly. 

But let's talk about some pros. It's cool looking and it brings wine drinking into the new age. I like how it shaped like a wine glass and how the wine gets picked up from one tube and spits out into the wine glass through another. It really is a nice addition to a wine rack if you're a hipster and wanna show your friends your cool gadgets but for someone like me, I prefer things a bit simpler, especially since this has to be held with one stick in the wine bottle and another pouring out into a glass instead of having something small in between the bottle and glass.

So again, I think it's a super cool gadget for a wine drinker but for me, it's a bit high tech for something that should be as easy as one, two, drink!

Nerding It Up With My Newphew!

I love kids. I have a lot of them in my life that I've taken care of since they were teeny tiny who are now college graduates, recent HS grads or just learning the ropes of well, learning. While I've been watching kids I've always made sure that it wasn't just about tv and playing outside but also learning. I'm a total nerd so you can imagine that it's a big part of my life. Oh and did I tell you I'm also a tech junkie? Yea, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that.

Throughout the entire time that I've been playing around with kids only one person has ever objected to having their child learn on the computer. I get where they come from but being that kids are going to be doing everything on a computer, mainly online, when they start school now, it's not such a bad way to supplement their learning or help them get started before going to school. Reading Kingdom is one of those great tools that can help give kids a boost with their learning when they're outside of school as well as keep them distracted because they think they're just playing games.

I was using this with my nephew and he seems to really enjoy it. It starts off with an assessment to see where the kid is with things so that it can guide them from there, similar to language ones that I personally use to keep myself updated with my French (and still trying to learn German). The design is really cute and it has a owl as their main character which he really seems to enjoy as well.

I was given a free yearly membership to use but if you want to give it a try you can start with a free one for 30-days. My hope is that they come out with an app soon for tablets or iPhones because it'll be a great way to keep kids busy on road trips when they're tired of looking at the same mountain over and over. I'm going to do the assessment frequently to see how much he's actually learning and if he keeps going I'm sure it'll be something that I use with his two younger siblings as part of the learning by playing thing that I love doing with kids!

Jun 15, 2017

Making That Sushi at Home

Sushi. Who doesn't like it? Okay okay, I know a few people that do. But that number is minuscule compared to the ones that adore it. I for one am obsessed with sushi but I don't eat much out in LA because it's surprisingly pricier that I normally get it in NYC. This gets solved kinda easily, and fun, with a sushi making kit!

I love cooking and teaching people to cook is super fun. As are taking group classes but sometimes a person just wants to make food together with a significant other, or friends, at home where they can chill and be silly.  The blah blah blah sushi maker is a really cute kit that'll let you make a ton of sushi in no time. The instructions for it are super easy and if you've got a rice maker, like I do, as long as some raw food and seaweed wrappers you're all set.

I got this kit from Tiger Sushi. It's super exciting to have a set that comes with everything I need to actually make sushi at home, complete with a knife that goes into the grooves perfectly. The first ones I'm going to make are regular rolls but I am totally not going to forget to make heart shaped sushi for the ones I love the most: myself! ha!

Def grab a set of these for yourself or your favorite sushi lover but make sure that if you're getting one of these for a junior chef that their parents are around when they use it since it does come with a sharp knife!

Jun 12, 2017

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I'm decorating a new studio, as you will see in a ton of posts to come, and I'm trying to make it a very zen space. I want it to not only be the place that I sit and work in, but also my sanctuary. It's got all the appliances in already and it's super duper modern with clean lines, and the sky lights give it a massive amount of light.

Because I'm all about better myself from the inside out, I'm making sure that I surround myself with things that are relaxing and healing, which is why I wanted to go with a salt lamp. My friend has one in both bedrooms in her house and she swears by it, so I thought I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

This Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is good to have in a bedroom or a place where a lot of relaxation occurs because it's super cleansing for the air. They're also really good with helping increase the energy levels in the space for better sleep because of the negative ions from the salt rock.  The biggest reason for me to want to have this lamp is that it helps neutralize EMFs. We are surrounded by these because of our phones and being around WiFi all the time so having something that helps get rid of these while you sleep is a dream.

Aside from the benefits, the lamp is awesome! At the highest level it's still a nice soft glow that's perfect for reading or lightly meditating. It's also a beautiful rock that looks wonderful on and end table or nightstand. It's such a unique design that I'm really to have on my nightstand. The weight is also hefty, so it won't knock down easily.

I'm glad I was able to get this for my new space and I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's helping my very stressful unpacking situation because I still have a very long way to go. Enough that will drive any sane person crazy!
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