Feb 7, 2020

Hair Nutrition From ProBerry

Check out This Awesome Post About Hair Nutrition From @proberry_hair_care
Jan 9, 2020

Genius True Wireless Earbuds

I'm a music junkie and will take every chance that I get to find a pair of headphones that have great sound quality, a good fit and a good look. In my quest for the perfect pair of headphones, I've been trying out a ton of different ones. Over the head ones, Bluetooth ones and of course my favorite, in-ear ones. My requirements for all types are the same: that they have a remote with volume control, a good mic, and that the music is super clear and amazing. In 2018, it's not a lot to ask for.

The wireless headphones that were sent to me by Genius True Wireless Earbuds offer two things: sound isolation and quality sound. The box comes with the earplugs, silicone ear attachments, and a super cool charging case. In terms of sound, which is the number one thing that makes or breaks a good set of headphones, these were pretty damn amazing. It was super crisp and I liked how it didn't have too much bass or anything that made me want to adjust the sound settings on my phone. What's also cool about these is that they come with built-in mics in each little ear pod, so I don't have to have my phone up to my mouth when I'm speaking.

These are super cool hi-tech wireless earphones that I'm totally obsessed with and think everyone should jump on as well!

Jan 6, 2020

Super Vitamin B Complex

My sort of theme for these last few months has been working on making sure I was taking care of my body from the inside out because I'm getting up there in the numbers and know that it's easier to work towards maintaining health than it is starting it from scratch. As someone who spent about 6 years on a diet of vodka and vodka, I still think I have a lot of work to do to reverse the damage done. My doctors always give me raving reviews at my physicals and are still shocked at how little respect I had for my body back in those days, but I know that I'm def lacking in some departments when it comes to my health and that department is making sure that I'm giving my body what it needs.

So back to today: I started taking multivitamins early this year because I had to and ever since then I didn't stop. Once that bottle was done I decided to keep taking something and have been working on finding the perfect supplement along the way. Super B Complex Vitamins by Vita Miracle seems like a good option. I'm always told that vitamin b complex is a great thing to get into so it's great that these claim to be ultra potent due to containing all of the essential b's needed: 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12.

This supplement will hopefully give me (and you!) a boost of energy, brain function and help to maintain general health throughout the day. And because they come in a 100-count bottle, taking their recommended time of once a day means that this will last over 3 months.

Dec 16, 2019

Smart Browser With Homey

Homey is an interesting concept. If you're the kind of person that has a ton of bookmarks on your web browser that you use constantly then honey is the extension for you. I don't bookmark a ton of things because I'm not the kind of person that is constantly saving things online for later on a laptop. I'm usually savings things on my phone or Pinterest. 

But Homey is great because it mimics a smartphone homepage when you open up a new browser which is pretty cool. It's like turning your start page into a workspace that everything all in one place.

Click the link to get the extension to add to your browser and check out Homey for yourself!

Not only does the homepage give you the date and time but it also gives the weather and lets you change the background which further mimics the look of a smartphone or tablet.