Elissah Bio P2 Facial Pack

by - May 01, 2019

Probiotics have been on our radar for at least a decade now. It started with those yogurts commercial and hasn't stopped. I've always been pretty regular when it came to my gut so probiotics weren't something that I ever considered. That has changed once I saw that I could take advantage of probiotics for my skin.

As a quick recap, probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that hold amazing benefits to overall health. When it comes to skincare, probiotics help to bring balance back after we scrub every spec of dirt from our face that, while leaving it squeaky clean, messes with its natural resources. This is why I was very excited to try Elissah's Bio P2 Facial Pack for a skincare trifecta.

I very recently got into the essence and have been on the hunt for the perfect one. The essence by Elissah is really easy to apply and has both pre AND probiotics. It helps strengthen the natural defenses of our wonderful skin and replenishes moisture. And because it's Australian it contains concentrated native plant extracts with powerful antioxidants that help against all of the nasties that try to ruin our skin.

 Hydro Moisture isn't anything crazy. The only difference between this and my regular moisturizer is that it's got the probiotics I've been writing about, as well as prebiotics. Aside from that, it's a great moisturizer that's got some fun ingredients that really do the trick leaving my skin feeling hydrated. This Hydro Moisturizer also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles which is something I'm aggressively fighting!

I use a ton of oils but have never heard of a skin barrier oil before so it was all new to me. Before I go into the benefits of this oil, I have to say that I was very happy with the texture, scent and overall appearance of it. Honestly, the benefits of this particular product are so hard for me to explain, I'll let them tell you!

           "SKIN BARRIER OIL is a rich oil with a unique lipid profile. It is easily and readily absorbed into the skin leaving a non-greasy feel, minimising lipid loss. With a very high concentration of oat oil, it provides skin with identical lipids, powerful anti-oxidants, skin active ceramides and membrane phospholipids. Oat oil is rich in linoleic acid helping to maintain the epidermal water barrier and enhance skin barrier function. It also contains anti-oxidants including alkyl phenolates and Vitamin E in the form of tocotrienols and tocopherols, which protect skin lipids from free radicals. Another important active in oat oil is ceramides, which support the barrier function and help to keep skin in a healthy condition, maintain the stratum corneum and act as a penetration enhancer."

All in all, I really enjoy having a 3 step regiment from the same brand with ingredient focused on replenishing my skin after I scrub and clarify the hell out of it! Plus, anything that'll help with wrinkles and moisture will always be a winner in my book, and should be in yours too! So join me in welcoming Elissah into the medicine cabinets and skincare counters of the world! And because they want everyone to give this facial pack a try, using promo code "FREESHIPPING" by June 30th to get free shipping!

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