Julep Needs to Wake Up

by - August 08, 2014

Okay, maybe the title is a bit much but it clearly states my feelings every time I think of Julep.com from now on. My experience with them was pretty annoying and I feel I have to share it so that others can avoid the same nightmare as I did.

A few months ago I signed up with Julep and was really excited to receive my first maven box. It arrived about a week after I ordered it and it came with three polishes, a hand cream and a cuticle serum. Not bad for $24.99 I thought since it's supposed to be really great polish.

The polishes failed to deliver though because the amount in the actual bottle was teeny and the polish itself came on so thick that it ended up creating a bit of a mess. I never thought thick polish would be a bad thing! The hand cream that came int he box smelled like a really bad drugstore holiday brand lotion and the serum had already dried out. On to cancel I went.

But how do I cancel? Well, up until a few weeks ago the only way to cancel your membership was by calling and then ending up leaving a voicemail because you end up being on hold for over 30 minutes. I  left my name and e-mail address and waited to receive an e-mail stating that the cancellation was processed but it never arrived. At this point they finally smartened up and created an e-mail dedicated to cancellations so I sent the e-mail for cancellation attempt #2.

Six days after my auto-reply saying my account was cancelled I check my bank account, on my birthday no less, and see that I was charged. Lovely! I called them immediately and end up on hold for 35 minutes listening to the same great things about the company, etc etc. A quick 5 minutes later and I was promised that in 2-10 business days I'd receive my refund. 

Three days after that phone call I received an e-mail with my FedEx shipping confirmation for my maven box. WTF?!?!?!?! I called them, again. Was on hold for 20 minutes this time and then went through the process of detailing all of my steps more than three times because I kept on getting transferred until I was finally told that my cancellation would be processed again and that I'd be able to keep the box if I wanted, give it to a friend, or trash it. 

I think this whole thing just reeks. It's a really bad system that they have set up and there's no reason for me to be on hold for an average of 25 minutes just to cancel something before I get charged and then STILL GET CHARGED! Not only that but their maven boxes aren't worth the $25 which is probably why they're experiencing such a high volume: everyone is trying to cancel.

Wake up Julep. Put out better maven boxes, get more customer service reps to work the phones and make sure the cancellation e-mails are actually going through.

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