Rock On with Ardency Inn's Makeup Line

by - July 27, 2014

A few months ago I went on one of my Sephora trips and was drawn to a red lip gloss by Ardency Inn. I've never been fully comfortable with a bright red lip but it was calling me and I had to give a try. This brand claims to have been created due to the NYC music scene and their logo is a testament to that. Their products are made for women who rock "on and off the stage" and after wearing their gloss and liner for a few months I have to agree with that statement.

Below is a run down of the products that have made me fall in love with the brand:

1. Ardency Inn Americana Ultra Lightweight Skin Perfecting Primer- $34.00
 Like most primers on the market Ardency Inn's Ultra Lightweight Skin Primer is silicone-free and is super hydrating. It doesn't feel greasy like Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer (sorry Smashbox!) so it's perfect for mixing with your tinted moisturizer for a flawless summer look that won't have your products melt off your skin in the sun!

2. Ardency Inn Punker Original Smoky Shadow- $19.00
 I'm living these shadow pencils that have been on the market recently and the Punker Original Smoky Shadow is no exception.  This shadow liner is so thick that you can instantly create a smoky eye look with any powder shadow that you own. The intensity of this products pigment will give even the brightest shades that dark edge that a rock-and-roll look requires.

3. Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl- $23.00
 The Original Mix is hands down my favorite of the lip vinyl shades. This gloss reaches its maximum color with just one application and will stay on your lips for hours on ends. I never have to use a clear gloss as a top coat because the multifaceted shine is intense. Whenever I don't want to be super glam (which is rare of course) I just dab a bit on the center of my top and bottom lip then spread it out with my finger that's got a bit of clear gloss on it.

4. Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color- $25.00
If you're looking for a slightly more subtle lip color without all the extra shine this is the best option for you. This lipstick is really soft and unlike others that will only set you back about $10 these don't feather or bleed which are the biggest no-no's when it comes to a bold lip color.

5. Ardency Inn Punker Eyes Like Fire Shadow- $21.00
I've used creamy eyeliners and shadows but have never come across one that comes in a brush. This just raised the bar for me because I love new and innovative ideas in the world of makeup. Ardency Inn minimizes the risk of applying too much color (as if that's a thing?!?!?) by putting this in a click dispenser similar to Stila's lip glosses that will only let you distribute a little bit of the shadow at a time while you're perfecting your look.

6. Ardency Inn Modster Light-Catching Eye Powder- $32.00
Just like most powder shadows that cater to the rock-and-roll and gothy look lovers the pigments in these shadows are the real deal. If you go to bed with it on you will wake up with beautifully made up eyes and pillows that barely even noticed your face. These shadows have great staying power and when used with their Original Smoky Shadow you can guarantee to have the exact look the brand had in mind when creating their products.

7. Ardency Inn Punker Smoky Eye Kit- $39.00
This is pretty much an Ardency Inn starter kit for those that are just joining the smoky eye bandwagon. The kit contained the smoky eye basics: the deepest black mascara, super rich and wet looking eye liner and a highly pigmented black shadow with tons of staying power. These three items are the perfect base for a nighttime smoky eye look and are best mixed with blues, greens and purples to make you stand out more than the average rocker chicks that stick to basic black.

Overall I think Ardency Inn has the staying power of their products and I'm excited to see how the brand will expand as they develop more products and expand their range of colors. This is a brand that looks very promising in delivering the edgy look I always default to and try to get everyone to embrace!

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