Workout Confession Time

by - July 15, 2014

Confessions are the hardest thing to do but sometimes they're for the best.

 I've been working out for weeks in preparation for my upcoming trip to NYC. Spin class, 30 day shred and hours upon hours on the elliptical. My weight has been going down--albeit slow--but my old clothes have been fitting me like a glove. I have my absolute favorite shirt dress from H&M that I purchased in 2008 that I haven't been able to wear in years. Last summer the buttons and holes were so far away from each other I didn't even know if they were aware of their purpose. Last week I was able button it all the way but didn't dare to breath but today something happened. It fit perfectly and I wasn't afraid to walk, bend or sit with it on.

 I've been eating well on and off. I had ice cream for breakfast yesterday, a burrito from Chipotle a few days before and wine has been my best friend but since I've been working out I don't beat myself up over it. As long as I'm consistent with going to the gym and hopping on the elliptical for 1.5 hours a day or taking a spin class I can do all that.

 Now it's time for my confession. I've wanted a boost and didn't know how to get it. Speed is out of the question, as is starvation because I love to taste food and I just won't do it so I remembered this ridiculous thing that my brother made me buy last year at Walmart when we started working out together:

Behold the sauna suit!

This is the ugliest thing in the world and I made sure to always tuck it into my socks so it wouldn't accidentally peek out of my yoga pants. I also never wore the top part because I worked out in t-shirts. This piece of plastic made me sweat so much that my socks were always soaked and forget about using the bathroom without drying myself off. I'm pretty sure I almost slid off my toilet on more than one occasion.

After using this for a few days and sweating bullets I did some research and saw nothing but negative reviews. People said it was dangerous, that the weight lost was just water weight, etc etc. But then I did some more research to find out exactly how fat left the body and discovered through many sites, including, that it left through our urine, when we breathed and EUREKA: our sweat!

I came to the conclusion that this wasn't the worst thing ever especially if you're working out as hard as I do. If I'm not taking a spin class or doing the 30 Day Shred I push myself on the elliptical to burn 12 (machine) calories a minute which means I am working my butt off super hard for almost 90 minutes a sessions. Without using the sauna pants I was always dying, drenched in sweat, and drank 2 large ice cold Smartwater bottles during the workout. PLUS I always go to bed with two bottles of water: one for bedtime and another that I chug as soon as I am up. I am constantly drinking water just like I'm constantly burning fat which means that wearing these hideous sauna pants under my regular workout ones just help me sweat that fa out a bit quicker. And it also reminds me to drink more water!

The one I purchased was at Walmart for I don't remember how long but I figured I'd share this bit of new with the masses. I know not everyone is serious about getting in decent shape but fitting into my clothes and not feeling so lethargic all the time because of excess weight just doesn't work for me. A six pack will never be in my future because I have zero interest in never eating carbs, fatty foods or having to workout 5-7 days a week for it but it feels amazing to fit into all of my old clothes with room to eat an extra slice of pizza and not worry about losing my buttons!

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