DIY Silver Jewelry Polish

by - July 28, 2014

I've had this amazing Tiffany's pendant since my friends gave it to me for my birthday many years ago but just like all silver items it falls victim to tarnish. My birthday is coming up and it'll be the first time I'm with these ladies in a very long time so I wanted to wear it but alas, it looked like this:

Egyptian Cartouche and Tiffany's Pendant

Of course the easiest option was to just take it down to Tiffany's and have them do a quick polish while I purchased a new chain for it but because I'm all about DIY sometimes (and saving a bit of dough), I decided to do some research and try to take care of this myself. These two accessories when from drab to fab in under an hour using products I already had at home. Saved me a trip and a little bit of cash. What's better than that? Check out my process below!


-Baking Soda
-Table Salt
-Aluminum Foil
-Boiling Water

I don't measure and won't pretend that I did when I risked my good silver to do this. I also didn't read anywhere that apple cider vinegar was okay to use because everywhere I looked said white vinegar but thankfully it worked!


1. Boil water
2. Line a bowl with aluminum foil
3. Pour in the baking soda, salt and vinegar
4. Giggle like a little kid when the vinegar makes it all bubble
5. Pour boiling water into the bowl- enough to cover all items and make the powders totally dissolve
6. Impatiently wait

7. When you see that most of the tarnish is gone dump the mixture and refill the bowl with dish washing soap and warm water
8. Re-soak items for about 30 minutes

9. Gently rub the remaining tarnish off of your silver with a paper towel soaked in the soapy dishwater
10. Jump for joy and plan outfits that will compliment your silver!

After I took these photos I did all the steps again and this time the pendants were SHINING! This means that either I need to keep my silver in the mixtures longer or always do this twice. Either way it worked wonders for me and I love it. As a tip though if you've got some really valuable silver items use this method with caution!

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