Celebrity Fashion Spotlight: Jessica Simpson

by - February 23, 2014

Celebrity Fashion Spotlight: Jessica Simpson

Celebrities love to expand their resumes and ways to double their earnings  by slapping their names on perfumes, clothes, handbags, etc. Some celebrities fail while other flourish. A perfect example of that is Jessica Simpson. Gone are the days where she is just known as a singer because now her name can be seen in more than the CD aisle.
When she first came on to the scene I paid no mind because I had little faith in her designs but the more time passes the more I give her credit. Her fashion line is is great because not only is it reasonably priced (dresses are in the $60-150 range) but the cuts are perfect for someone looking to stay stylish and fun without trying too hard.

Her pieces can easily be mixed and matched. Mix them up with any of her fragrances from her Fancy line and you're ready to hit the town!

My favorite is the white cutout dress with the sheer detailing. What's yours?

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