Celebrity Fashion Spotlight: Victoria Beckham

by - March 09, 2014

Celebrity Fashion Spotlight: Victoria Beckham

Our second celebrity fashion spotlight is on non other than Victoria Beckham. She went from being one of he least favorite Spice Girls to a fashion icon and finally a designer. Even though she's never been a curvy woman while in the spotlight it doesn't stop her designs to cater to those that aren't particularly stick thin. Her items are on the pricey side but if you have to have one designer item I would give her pieces the same consideration as Versace, DVF or Chanel. Unlike other celebrities that lend their names to a label just to have crazy markups the Victoria Beckham Collection is worth every penny. I purchased the black cotton dress (on sale, of course!) a few months ago and I did not regret the 3 digit price because the quality and craftsmanship is evident in every inch.

I think every woman should have a few pieces in her wardrobe from Victoria Beckham. Nothing makes me feel as powerful and accomplished as wearing a high end item that I was able to pay for myself. We're sure it'll have the same effect on you!

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