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by - February 20, 2014

This post is dedicated to my ladies in the Northeast who are suffering with blistering cold weather, icy sidewalks and slushy streets. I know that my current uniform of shorts, mini’s and tank tops leaves you all angry and jealous but you can combat that by pampering yourself and getting ready for spring. It won’t make you leave the house without a coat but it will make you feel better and hopefully. After all, spring comes every year, it’s just a matter of how long we can handle the wait. 

Here are the spots in NYC that I use the most to pamper myself and feel like a goddess. I highly recommend you try one, if not all, of these spots.


I adore getting my hair done by Dominicans. There’s something about the way they do hair that out of control good. Whenever I go to a Dominican hair salon I get a full service treatment without paying insane downtown prices. Plus my hair is an enigma that only my ladies at Hairmatics in Washington Heights can manage. For under $20 I get my hair washed, put in rollers, blow dried, get a straightener passed AND get my ends cut. If you don’t live in the area or are afraid of anything above 59th street because you’re an implant then it may be a bit of a trek but it’s definitely worth it.


A few years ago I was speaking with a coworker and spaced out. I was mesmerized by her amazing eyebrows and had to just interrupt her to ask a million questions about them. She didn’t hesitate to invite me with her to her next threading appointment at Looks-Eyebrow Threading and I happily went. Unfortunately her lady, Jyoti, didn’t want to touch my eyebrows until they grew out a bit. Two weeks later I was back and have gone to her ever since. I don’t like anyone else touching my eyebrows but her. She offers a loyalty card where after 10 visits the 11th is free and the location on E. 14th St. Is perfect.

Hair Removal

I’m going to be really open here and share something a bunch of people would consider really personal with the masses: I hate hair. I think it only belong on the top of my head or eyebrows and nowhere else. Another thing I hate are razors. I don’t want anything to do with them and I cringe whenever I see one and I think everyone else should. While there are other things like depilatory creams and laser removal waxing has always been my favorite and the one method for hair removal that I recommend the most. 

 When you consider hair removal options the biggest factor is how long the hair will take to grow back. It’s an age old dilemma that we all face. When you shave, it’s back within the day and leaves razor burns. Creams last about a day longer and if left too long can cause major irritation and laser removal is expensive. The amount of money I’ve spend on waxing over the years could probably cover laser treatments but not everyone has all hat money to drop upfront and it’s way easier to just leave a spa with smooth hairless skin and no burns. The place I’ve gone to the most in NYC has been Dyanna Spa . I don’t mind getting my legs or underarms waxed at other locations but when it comes to a Brazilian Wax I have to make sure that it’s painless and doesn’t irritate me after and the ladies at this location do an amazing job!

There’s my list! It’s worth pampering yourself just a bit in order to mentally escape the bitter cold and see how close spring really is!

PS: Some of these places have deals on their Facebook, Yelp or website, don't forget to follow them. The only thing better than getting pampered is getting a deal for it :-)

Looks-Eyebrow Threading Salon
Dyanna Spa,

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