EXTRA EXTRA! Beauty Essential add-ons!

by - December 29, 2015

Last week I touched on my beauty essentials for the woman that likes to splurge as well as the one that likes to save and today I'm going to write about the little extras we can all use.

I adore cosmetics. I find it very therapeutic to sit in front of a mirror and enhance my features. Primers, tinted moisturizers, eyeshadows and mascaras are all essential for perfectly made face and if anyone takes one thing from what I say it's that all of those items are needed. But once you've mastered the art of showcasing a flawless face you can start playing with some extra colors and enhancements that I'm listing below.

1.Too Faced Lip Injection-$22
 This item is one that you might think is totally unnecessary but it really is for anyone that wants to add a hint of color to their lips, which i highly recommend as well. The best thing about this item is that it dries the lips out while you're wearing it which makes any color applied stick. You should always apply this before your tinted gloss because it expands the lips and lets the color seep into all the natural cracks that you have. After the effete wears off you can apply another coat of said gloss an voila! Color that doesn't come off or gets tacky and stick to everything. The burning sensation is bearable and the plumping is seen right away and lasts a good couple of hours.

2. bareMinerals Blush in Sweetheart Rose-$19
  This blush by bareMinerals is a great item to help the contours of the face stand out. I have naturally high cheekbones but when I wear this it makes me look like I'm showing off! I used to wear this over my mineral foundations but felt that it looked too unnatural. Instead I applied it after my primer but before the foundation to keep it from being so bright and from fading too quickly. Now that I use tinted moisturizer and then a finishing power I just use it right before the powder. I only use it on the highest points of my cheekbones and a bit at the tip of my nose. I wear this during the colder months because I feel it's more suited for that.

3. bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadow in Bronzed Twig-$18
 This primer has saved my life! Before brands like Tarte, Sephora and WetnWild changed their formulas to make super high pigmented shadows products like this and Urban Decay's Potion were a godsend. The reason this beats Urban's primer is because it is serious stuff. First, I love that it comes in different shades. This is really great for enhancing the base colors of every eyeshadow possible but even the base one is good enough for all colors. A teeny bit goes a long way and you can cover the area between your lash line up to your brow bone with just a drop. You have to be ready to blend it in quickly though because once it dries it sets and only makeup remover gets rid of it. How amazing is that? My trick is to get my fingers warm by placing them under my thigh for a few minutes because the heat helps to blend it a bit quicker. Another plus of this primer is that it acts like a highlighter and works on every skin tone.

4. Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer-$7/$32
 And then we have my warm wealthier alternative to blush: BRONZER! I always want to look like I just stepped out a private jet from St. Tropez during the spring/summer and this is a massive help. Baking in the sun without proper sunscreen is a no-no but if you want that sun kissed look all you need is this. Unlike blush, whenever I wear this I make it the last thing I put on. I forgo a finishing powder because I don't want anything masking this. I apply it as if I'm writing a rounded W on my face  starting from ear to ear and then do a quick T on my forehead and bridge of my nose. Basically just anywhere that the sun would naturally hit. The light shimmer of this bronzer is perfect for a day time or night time warm weather look and as a bonus it can be worn on the clavicles to enhance another wonderful feature.

These items are all reasonably priced and have earned themselves a permanent spot in my favorite makeup bag. Hopefully it earns one in your as well!

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