Organic Detox Tea-Perfect for a December Detox!

by - December 30, 2015

After stuffing my face like a madwoman this holiday season I totally need to get it together and remind myself of all progress I've made over the last 4 months. My saving grace is that I wasn't and won't be with my family on Thanksgiving and Christmas but it doesn't mean I wasn't out enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the house of a friend.

With that being said, I really want to spend the rest of the month trying to clean out my system and getting it ready for the madness that January brings when I feel the pressure to focus on my eating habits and working out. So Green Root Wellness Detox Tea is totally what I need right now. It has enough tea for 2 weeks and offers great benefits like eliminating the buildup of toxins and impurities, helping with digestion and of course because it has green tea in it it's a great antioxidant.

 I love tea and I don't drink it with milk, sugar or honey so I always end up tasting it in it's 'natural element' and I have to say that this has a really good taste. Has it been working? Well, I've been doing an hour of cardio 6 times a week since mid-November and I am a little careful with what I eat (Thanksgiving dinners excluded) so I can't know for sure if my stomach is less bloated because of that or the tea but I will say that I do be feeling after I eat. I don't feel weighed down and my insides don't feel wacky everyday after dinner like it has been for the last few months,

It's a win in my book and I'll probably pick up another one of these once I'm done with it.

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