Gifts For The Perfect Host!

by - December 28, 2015

Gifts for a hostess!

We all have that friend or family member that lives to throw dinner parties. They make sure the table is perfectly set, everything is taken care of from beginning to end and sometimes place cards are used. Because I adore silver and gold and know that it doesn't just have to be used during the holidays below are some great gifts for your favorite hostess with the mostest!

What table isn't set without place mats and/or a runner? These 14x19 place mats are just the thing to set the stage for a fancy brunch or dinner party. They can be used for the holidays, a gold themed event or even be mixed with silver. They're on sale at Bloomingdale's now for $28 so make sure to grab some before the price goes up.

I've been to a few kitschy dinner parties where place cards were used in order to have us feel fancy. My favorite will always be the Clue themed dinner party that I went to years ago but at Zazzle you can get a fancy faux-gold foiled 100 pack for $22.50 that you can of course customize.

Have we met? If we have you know that I'm a lover of champagne and have ben searching for the perfect flutes for over a year. For $50 at Kohl's you can get a 4-pc set with gold that shimmers to ensure that whatever toast you make is always in style. If you're feeling a bit generous I suggest buying 2 sets of these. After all a party of eight is more fun than a party of four!

No one likes to keep their guests waiting for a meal so why not give your favorite hostess a little reminder by getting them this serving tray? It can be used to pass appetizers and drinks around or placed at an entrance so guests can grab them as soon as they get in. Bloomies carries these for $80 and is a great multi-purpose gift.

Setting the mood is key to having a successful dinner party or event. No one wants their guests to feel like they're at a weird office space or doctors office with the wrong lighting. Having candles appropriately placed is a great way to set the ambiance and for $35 Henri Bendel's got you covered.

People who love to entertain don't like to miss any details so being ready to serve coffee as a way to wind down the party and let people know that the host has completed their duties for the night. Your favorite host will love this stackable set of coffee mugs from Debenham's for only $36.

There you have it! There's still time to buy a great gift for a person that loves hosting. These will make great Christmas gifts but a gracious hostess will accept gifts any time of the year!

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