Peter Thomas Roth Mini Mask Magic Trio

by - November 16, 2014

I've been on a serious shopping bender lately and I have nothing but the holiday season to blame. On today's trip to Sephora I saw what looked like the cutest and most useful new item ever: A Sephora Exclusive Mini Mask Magic Trio by Peter Thomas Roth.

I've been a fan of Peter Thomas Roth since I used their mineral powder sunscreen and then a bigger fan when I discovered the Max Sheer All Defense Lotion. So it's safe to say it's a brand I trust has quality products.

This trio was not only cute but it has peels in ingredients I never thought of using. Just like Ole Henriksens Power Peel has an almond polish and walnut scrub, this PTR has one a rose mask as well as a pumpkin enzyme one. Both ingredients are great because I've recently fallen deep in love with the smell and taste of roses and pumpkins are super festive!

One plus about this set is that the products aren't meant to be used as a system which makes the .5oz jars last a bit longer. I plan on using these each once a week along with my other cleansers that I use daily. I'm so excited to have added this to my skin care regiment because I take it super serious. There's a reason my coworkers think I'm 10 years younger than I am and that's my diligence and obsession with my skin.

So yea, it's worth it for sure. It costs $20 and it's a great intro into this amazing brand if you've never used any of their products. And if you have then you'll instantly know that it's worth it.

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