Organics Matcha Tea

by - December 02, 2014

I've become a huge tea drinker recently and love discovering new types and their beneficial properties. Green tea has been on my short list for a few years because it's a main ingredient in my detox tea. But even then I only ever used tea bags and never tried making it with tea leaves or powder so I was eager to give Kiss Me Organics' Ceremonial Macha Powder that I got from a try.

Just like most high grade green teas, the Macha powder is a major antioxidant, helps with energy, is a mild mood enhancer and stress reliever.

I'm really into the fact that it's in powdered form because now instead of having to brew and cool down green tea for smoothies I can just put the powder in easily. I also really like it's vibrant green hue. It helps keep my green juices from turning brown due to the carrots and beets that I add in.

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