Lining it Up

by - November 15, 2013

Hello Beauties! A few weeks ago I began putting focus on budget beauty tips because one of my many goals is to make the world a prettier face no matter what. That way of thinking has had me try out and praise one brand that years ago was, in my eyes, a joke. Wet 'n Wild Cosmetics has done wonders with their formulas over the past few years and I am more than happy to spread the word.

About a week ago I stopped by my now local Walgreen's and came across their holiday makeup collections. Nothing caught my eyes except the Wet n Wild Icon-o-last! Color Icon Eyeliner Collection. Not only were they colors that I adore but the price tag can't be beat. $5...not bad! The first thing I did when I got home was wash my arms up to my elbows and test out the colors. While I like all the colors and will wear them all out within a few months the purple and cobalt blue are the ones that stand out the most for me. Those, along with a hunter green, are my absolute favorite colors to line my eyes with along with a black layer on top. I like how the shades compliment my dark skin thanks to my yellow undertones and how I only needed to pass the colors once to get the right color. 

Sadly, the shades have no names but here are the 5 in the collection

Which is which? Wet n Wild is on the left and Tarte's Onyx is on the right.

Can you spot the difference? The top shade is Deviant by Urban Decay while the bottom one is Wet n Wild's version
All in all this holiday collection is great. The colors are on par with brands that are much pricier and their staying power is pretty great. Just like my Urban Decay and Tarte liners, once they set it takes elbow grease or makeup remover to get the shades off but they do come off a bit quicker. Regardless of that though I highly recommend running to your nearest drugstore to purchase this set for $5 because sadly, they are not sold online.

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