Thinspiration is a Way of Life

by - July 04, 2013

We all have to do little things to trick ourselves into eating a little less or working out more. Some have upcoming trips, specials events or, like me, just have a wardrobe that they're dying to fit into perfectly again.
I've been pretty dedicated to my workout schedule but I don't buy it when people say that my body wants to work out because it gets used to it. My body will never crave working out because my mind just wants a couch, Netflix and some pizza. My personal solution to all this is to use visual aids as constant reminders of what I want.

For the past few weeks my dresses have been hung up around my apartment as daily reminders to not overeat, workout and to kick myself when my laziness wins and I go straight home after work. 

We all need a little thinspiration. How do you get yours?

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