Back in the Kitchen with Cute Cooking Accessories

by - May 24, 2017

I've been getting back in the kitchen these days but have been slacking on taking photos because I haven't been gaga over my tools. They're old, scratched up and plain old bland. I guess being in boxes for months does that to things! Thankfully though I've been getting into blogging again hardcore and was able to score these super cute measuring cups (and spoons!) from Sweet Home & Kitchen.

This measuring kit comes in with two separate rings- one for cups and another for spoons- along with a brush that can be used for basting. Everything is stainless steel and the handles are really comfortable and don't look or feel cheap. Because I love kitchen tools, I was going to buy a measuring cup in addition to getting these but I'm really happy with the 10 cups/spoons that this came with and I won't be needing more anytime soon. 

I'm totally going to get into cooking a lot for my blog once I'm done with my move and these will be making tons of appearances so be on the look out for them and if you want to add some a bit of color to your food posts, def give these a try!

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