Cute Stationary Alert: Sharon Seaon Levi

by - June 06, 2017

As much as I love to write, I've always been really bad at giving cards because I never really find the right ones that I want to share with people. At least not at super affordable prices that is. This is why I usually end up scribbling something and not having pride in the cards that I give people. If having pride in cards is a thing. Is it..? Well, apparently, it is!

I recently got this beautiful gift card package from Sharon Seaon Levi and am in love with them. As are some of my followers on Instagram and Facebook. The box that the cards come in stands out so much that I like to display it on my counter because once I've used us the cards, I plan on keeping the box as a little keepsake or for more stationary that goes with this theme. 

The cards come in a reusable pull-out box that's made really well so it's super sturdy. It's strong and pretty enough to last as well as have on display. Trust me, you DO NOT want to shove this in a drawer or closet. Once you open the box there are four compartments, one for each set of cards. There are Thank You cards, Happy Birthday ones, cards with hearts on them and one that is super special, reminding someone that today is the perfect day to start living your dream. That one is my favorite one because I'm all about being positive these days so it's the most fitting.

Each card is tied together with a clear bead and gets put in an envelope that has a gold foil leaf, the same as the feather on top of the box. The quality of the cards is really high and I think I'm going to have a hard time figuring out who to give these to because they're meant to be given to people that appreciate packaging.

Sharon Seaon Levi is selling these for $39 which I think is a super steal. I'm hoping that she comes out with more products because if these are an indication of where the brand wants to be headed then I'm excited to see what's in store. Any stationary fan needs to jump on these because they make for great gifts and amazing things to display on their desk!

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