5 Skincare Products to Perk Your Up & Calm You Down

by - May 16, 2017

Wake Up & Calm Down

 Clean & Clear struck gold when they came out with this     product. Not only was it a much needed additional to the world of skincare but it helps perk you up with the help of Vitamin C and ginseng. I like to use this with my Neutrogena cleasnser because I get my skin clean and scrubbed in one shot!

Speaking of Neutrogena, when I found out that they had a Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes- Night Calming is similar to their regular towelettes. It does the job of making you face squeaky clean with the addition of a nice calming scent I was super excited because I need all the help I can get to help me be relaxed.

While this product doesn't come out and say that it is  calming in any way it does have lavender essential oils which are soothing. I love using Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate before bed because it's done wonders for my skin super fast. I naturally have AMAZING skin but insomnia is starting to take its toll so going to work looking refreshed is an amazing feeling.

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser is another way to perk up while washing your face. This scrub has my absolute favorite ingredient to use on my body: coffee! I've been using ground coffee to scrub my face and body for years so it's nice to use it without having my bathtub look like I was rolling around in mud all day. Along with the awesome ingredient the scent is so heavenly. The grapefruit, lemon and spearmint scent helps to perk up my skin in the mornings.

Michael Todd is a brand that I discovered last year thanks to them giving me their Soniclear to try out. Since then I've purchased a few as gifts as well as received a smaller travel sized one. Their Lavender Bar Soap is heavenly. I love lavender for the scent and it's benefits. Using this soap right before bed lets me be clean and smelling really great before I head to bed. Tossing and turning isn't so bad when you smell like lavender!

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