A Super Chill Weekend at Home with Coca-Cola™

by - July 10, 2018

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Ah summer! I know that people think it's endless here in SoCal but I can assure you that it is not. There also isn't a thing such as an endless summer when you're stuck in the office 40+ hours a week. This is why I like to use my free time up wisely in terms of relaxing! My mind is so busy and on the go during the week that on the weekends or when I have random days off of work I really just want to chill out in the backyard getting some sun, reading something on my iPad, or having someone over for yummy (and fancy) snacks and an ice cold drink!

I love carbonated beverages and Coca-Cola has been a staple in my family for years. I will admit that I haven't consumed it as much since moving to SoCal because I've always found that it was more for large group entertaining with tons of crispy snacks but I don't think like that anymore. I love water, I love sparkling water, but I ADORE an ice cold Coke and having something refreshing and fun to go along with my weekend chill time is where it's at!

This past Memorial Day Weekend I took advantage of extra days off work to enjoy my surroundings. I skipped all the crazy BBQ's and soaked up the quietness of my cute little neighborhood. Because I wanted to feel as if I was doing something I made avocado deviled eggs and shrimp ceviche because I wanted to eat things that were cold and refreshing as well as tasty.

Prepping and putting my snacks together was really easy and I was able to munch on them within an hour of thinking them up. The longest time was 'cooking' the shrimp in lime, which had the house smell AMAZING FYI! While I was at it I made sure to put a few bottles of Coke in the fridge to make sure they were really cold because that's how I like to drink it. And even with that I still put tons of ice in my cup. I know, it's a lot, but it's so worth it!

Share A Coke at CVS
I headed over to CVS to grab my Coca-Cola because I wanted to take advantage of the 1,000 Share A Coke names that includes last names now! I know that finding my last name on one was a long shot but I feverishly looked for my first name on all Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero or Diet Coke™. 

They're on sale there where you can get two 20 oz bottles for $3 when you use your ExtraCare card, which I think everyone should have because who in the world shops without a rewards card these days? And while you're at it you can grab a few things to make a quick get together with your friends more enjoyable like quick meals and/or something to read if you're reading to the beach or plan on relaxing in the backyard like I did.

Last names! Woo hoo!

backyard chill

Avocado Ceviche for the win!

When it comes to planning a super relaxing day there are only a few things needed: Sun, seating area, and a breeze! As a New Yorker I appreciate the outdoors so much and revel in having a nice relaxing time to just chill and kick back. Of course, added to this is a fun and yummy snack.

Make sure you head on over to CVS to grab some yummy carbonated drinks for your summer fun as well as visiting the Coca-Cola site for summer fun inspiration. So tell me, how do you plan on making awesome summer memories this summer?

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