Matcha Green Tea Scrub

by - June 04, 2018

I love using body scrubs, especially if they're all natural, because that's been my theme for 2018. One thing I'm not gaga over though is matcha tea. drink at least! I don't know why but I find the taste to be awful, which made my love of this Matcha Green Tea Scrub surprising. When I initially got this scrub I had some PTSD from the last time I drank the tea but once I opened it I was very happy to know that it didn't have that awful scent that the tea does.

I also like that the scrub isn't at all runny which makes it easy to scrub. I'm all about using caffeine on my body because of it's alleged affects on cellulite so using this instead of ground coffee, that makes my shower always look like I was digging in the dirt , is so much cleaner looking. I haven't used it on my face because I don't like to use harsh scrubs on it but the fact that it's also got coconut and olive oils will make it really good for someone that needs help with inflammation.

On top of that, the amount that you get for the price is massive and so far after almost two weeks of using it daily it doesn't look like I've made a dent. While the case that it comes in is cardboard and you can't reuse it for anything it does look really great on display and can be used to keep the scrub in as part of a cute display for a guest room.

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