Giving Your Skin Some TLC

by - May 16, 2017

Summer is here and for those of you that are afraid of waxing, it means you're going to be risking razor burns on your underarms and legs. And then there's the face for you guys. Having something to put on your skin afterwards can be a lifesaver in terms of preventing razor burns and the like. The Maywood Creek Essentials Ingrown Hair Treatment is what I've been using lately because argan oil is kind of pricey and I don't want to use it all up super fast. I like that it's got a ton of essential oils that I'm already obsessed with: lemon, tea tree, lavender, and also has some soothing aloe vera in it as well.

The pros of this treatment are that it's a serum so it's not greasy, won't drip when it's being applied and won't be too thick either. I've been pulling away from lotions lately because I want things that I can apply easily without making my skin feel heavy, and this does just that. I also like that it's got some of my favorite oils in it. I've been huge on essential oils over the last year so having tea tree, lemon and lavender all in one product mixed well is great. I also like the addition of soothing aloe vera.

As far as the cons go, I have none yet. This has been really helpful with my KP as the skin on my calves is super smooth. Because of it I've been smoothing it over my upper arms to retain that moisture. Now I can't say 100% that it's helping that on its own because I've been using argan oil in those areas exclusively for the last couple of months but I will say that it is a great help!

I was able to get this from Amazon because Maywood Creek sent me this product to try out and I'm going to keep using it throughout to summer and hope it continues to work consistently.

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