Top Five of 2015

by - January 31, 2016

Hey guys! Welcome to the new year! So far I'm digging 2016 and can't wait to see what it has in store for me! I'm so impatient that I wish I could take a sneak peak into July to assure myself that everything's going a-ok!

But let's go back to 2015 for a minute. I've spent the year getting to know new brands, new products and sticking some oldies but goodies so I decided to give you guys my best of 2015! This list is what got my face through 2015 and have made the cut for 2016.

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer- I have yet to find a product that will replace this. I've been using this tinted moisturizer for over 5 years and I have no reason to stop. It isn't heavy, evens out my skin tone, moisturizes and offers protection from the sun. The day this products stops being made is the day I stop showing my face in public

2. Chloé Eau de Parfum- I started using Chloé towards the end of 2014 but it wasn't until last year that i kicked it into high gear and made it what my ex called my signature scent. I stopped wearing it for a few months this summer because the smell gave me relationship PTSD but after reading how the smell of roses helps elevate the mood I brought it back as part of my aromatherapy. Then I got a killer box set for Christmas so I'm pretty sure this will also make the 2016 best of list.

3. Dr Bronners Lavender & Rose Castile Liquid Soap-  The great thing about Dr. Bronner's products is that they can be used for so many things. I started using it as a body wash but then kicked it up a notch by buying unscented laundry detergent in order to pout some of this into the wash water. I can't think of anything more heavenly that resting my head on a rose scented pillowcase or relaxing after a long hot shower using the lavender soap. Dr Bronner's is a new staple in my life and as long as they continue to make this universal product they've got a loyal customer in me.

4. Buxom Full-on Lip Polish- I'm not shy about my love of lip plumpers. Ever since Too Faced came out with their now awfully reformulated Lip Injection I've loved that tingly feeling that left my lips just a wee bit plump. I've tried so many other brands of plumpers and none have given me the results that Too Faced did but this one has come close. I love the refreshing tingling sensation and the color reflects light really well, giving me an amazing pout.

5.Sinful Colors Nail Enamel- I wasn't ever really big on nail polishes until I received this one over the summer. I initially thought the color I received (Dream On) would be a bit much for me but it ended up looking really great with my tanned skin. This brand of polishes are really shiny, dry fast, last super long and will make it look like you just got a professional gel manicure all the time. I need to go grab a bunch of these in rose gold and whatever other shade catches my eye.

I obviously used a lot more products that I was crazy over but these are the ones that made the top five. Now stay tuned because in a couple of days I'll share some of my 2106 must-have products that you need to get your hands on ASAP

If you weren't a Sephora VIB Rouge before you sure will by the first half of 2016 if you take my lead. Trust me your face, as always, will thank you!

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