New Year, New Gear

by - January 26, 2016

New Year, New Gear

Every time the new year rolls around people make resolutions to get in shape, stay in shape or if they let themselves go, get back into shape. But we all know how the story goes: gym memberships are purchased in January, carbs are banished and all sorts of crazy diet plans are made. Now even though these plans go out the window by February it's always nice to start a new workout regiment with super cute clothes so here are some items that will make you look cute at the gym or track for as long as you go.

This weather that we're having is super weird. It's warm in NYC (for December) and chilly in SoCal so running in short sleeves it not an option. This cute jacked from Mountain Hardwear is just $58 and has pockets in the front, is made with material to keep you cry and my favorite thing ever: thumbholes, so you can make sure your hands always stay warm while running.

Every woman should own more than 5 sports bras so why not use the new year as a time to grab some. The $35 Nike Pro Classic Bra has a really cool design, offers great support so you're not bouncing all over the place and is also great for medium-impact sports.

When it comes to running, sweatpants are so out of the question. Not only are they not cute but they do nothing for warmth. Having tights that help regulate the body's temperature while running along with breathable mesh ventilation panels make these $70 North Face GTD Tights totally worth it.

Running shoes should be changed frequently and it's really important to buy ones that won't damage your feet while you're pounding the pavement. At Famous Footwear you can grab this awesome pair of indigo/pink kicks with gel cushioning system for $60.

I know so many people obsessed with their FITBIT and if I still lived in NYC I would too. I'm sure I'd log over 10K a day just going about my day. So for those that don't have to walk this is a great way to get off the couch or office chair and set a few goals. These range from cheap to super pricey for designer ones but the Flex Wireless one is a good price at $80.

 Running belts are super underrated because they're so close to the fanny pack but they're great for people who run in the sun because they avoid the needs for a jacket to hold their keys or phone as well as the horrid armband tan. FlipBelt's Small Running and Workout Belt comes in 9 different colors so at $30 any serious runner can get a few in their favorite colors.

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