Falling in Love with H&M's Autumn 2015 Collection

by - September 09, 2015

We love H&M. It's such an affordable store that's got great style and long lasting clothes (if you know how to take care of them). Jenniffer and I have very different body types but somehow even with a 2-3 size difference she's always been able to rummage through my things when I was living in NYC or whenever I'm in town and not look like she's swimming in my clothes. As a shopaholic I'm constantly adding a ton of new pieces to my seasonal wardrobe and always begin with H&M.

After perusing their site a few days ago here are my top pics for updating anyones fall wardrobe without breaking the bank!

As a borrow-holic, I know that Jenniffer can't wait for me to head over to NYC with a few of these items so she can try to permanently borrow them. But what do you guys think? Are you ready to add some awesome and affordable pieces to your wardrobe in preparation for these upcoming chillier months? Let me know!

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