Update Your Kitchen with Retro Glass Canisters

by - September 07, 2015

I love home decor items, especially anything for my kitchen. I have a really open space on the first floor of my apartment and tons of counter space so I like to fill it up with cute and useful items that I use when I cook.

I recently got a set of colorful Retro Glass Canisters with screw-top lids by Uno Casa to try out and they're an awesome change from the simple clear and silver ones that i had previously. I used those to store my pasta so I just did a quick switcheroo and now my kitchen has some color! At 5 inches high, they're a great size for the pastas that I use the most-penne and macaroni, and I like that they aren't plastic. The Glassware makes the colors of these pop.

Such an improvement!

These vintage storage jars are sold as a 3-pack in orange, blue and green and will compliment most kitchens because of their solid color. There isn't much to be said about them since it's a straightforward product. It's made with good material, it looks great and it does what it says it does which is store items in your kitchen or anywhere else actually if you want to use it for crafting.

The cutouts let you see what's in them!
If it's something you're interesting in getting to add a little retro fun for your kitchen you can grab them here for $22.99.

And if you'd like to know more about Uno Casa you can check out their Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest page and let them know what you think about their canisters and other products

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