The Little Market Finds

by - July 02, 2015

The Little Market Finds

The Little Market came to my attention a few months ago thanks to my love of all things that have to do with my style icon, Lauren Conrad. I follow tons of home decor accounts on Instagram because I like to discover little pieces that will help me in my shabby chic obsession so when I started seeing things from The Little Market I had to find out all that I could about it.

According to their website, "The Little Market works with artisan groups around the world. We provide design insights, helping our artisan partners showcase their skills to a broader audience". That's a pretty cool thing. I love shopping at World Market for little home accents but as far as I know the only thing behind their products is that they're really cute and tend to match my style. I've recently started listening to podcasts about the laws of attraction, positivity, focusing on doing good, and stuff like that, and this site fits into that 100%. Not only does shopping here give me some really unique items for my apartment but I'm doing that doesn't just put money in a major companies pocket. I'm helping to support the talents and financial situation of women around the world in a way that works for me. By shopping!

 I know I'm not going to make an individual rich by purchasing a handmade iPad case or apron but I think every little bit helps and I need to start being more conscious of where my money is going when I choose to spend it. It's really nice to be at a place where I can buy whatever I want but that's nothing to rave about because so many people can do it. But not many people go out of their way to try to make an impact with what they buy. I certainly didn't and if it wasn't constantly on my Instagram feed I probably still wouldn't care today.

I'm really excited to get the candles and apron. I've been meaning to get an apron for months but never committed to one that I liked and this was is perfect. It's simple, I won't get sick of it and it lets me add a bit more pink into my life. The candle is exciting because I've been buying a lot of handmade soy candles lately because they last longer and have a stronger scent so I'm really curious to see what a good rose candle smells like. I'm hoping to get these in before I head out to NYC so be on the lookout for some IG worthy shots of my new gear in the next few weeks.

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