I Heart Ban.do

by - July 01, 2015


ban.do love

I'm obsessed with ban.do. I am. I just am. My friend Jennifer introduced me to them via Instagram a few months ago and I instantly fell in love with their cute girlie products. I'm currently in the process of creating a workspace that will give me some motivation and inspiration and I'm going to get tons of their items. Their color scheme is really great and kinda fits the colors of my theme, which gives me more of an excuse to get as much as I can from them.

I really like their diamond wireless speakers. It looks really cute and I can have it multitask by being a paperweight. For the notes I am going to take with my new notebook. Or something like that. Whatever, I will find a reason to justify every item that I want/get from them. I've been really obsessed with their "I Am Very Busy" notebook for a while now and even though I can use my iPhone or iPad for my calendar there's something special about writing things down. They used to sell an iPad case with that on it but they stopped so I'll have to settle for the datebook.

My dream writing station includes a simple white desk, my Macbook Pro and tons of little pieces that will add a bit of fun and color to my mood. I'm trying not to buy too many things for this apartment since I'm sure I'll be moving once my lease is up but going on a mini ban.do spree won't be too much of a biggie since everything can fit in a box.

If you're a girlie girl that's not afraid to show it check out this brand. I apologize in advanced for the addiction.

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