Being Prepared During Summer Travels

by - July 09, 2015

Oh summer. Even though I live in sunny SoCal and we have the luxury of the sun almost every single day I still get excited when the summer months kick in. To me that signifies the end of half of my family working and my yearly trips to see them and my friends. I normally take 3 weeks to a month off to go to New York City and/or Europe and always have the time of my life. 

One thing I was worried about during this trip though was getting sick. I can blame a pending milestone birthday for that or it can just be that my body is changing and is just more prone to things affecting it. Just this year alone I had a cold that lasted over a month and a weird nerve pain in one leg that required tons of checking out. So this has me wanting to be prepared for anything that can come up while I’m on vacation (and at home!). 

Having supplemental insurance for accidents is the way to go. My cousin has been touting Aflac for the past year and with good reason. She was focused on their maternity disability insurance but their individual accident insurance is a really great idea as well. In reality I don’t have a large cushion to help cover my expenses in case I get injured in any way and their accident insurance is pretty cool. It not only helps to cover medical expenses (hello crazy co-pays) but it can also assist with transportation and lodging. If something happens to me where I have to change my flight because I can’t travel I’ll be kind of screwed if I don’t have the extra money to change my flight or rebook all together. 

The most important reason to have this supplemental insurance though would be if anything happens to my mouth! The insurance supplied by my company (and any other that I’ve ever had through a job) doesn’t cover dental and ever since I had my Invisalign my teeth have never been the same. They’re really sensitive and I’m afraid any little thing, like biting into an apple straight on, will crack one, so it’s nice to know I’ll be covered for anything happening to my pretty little mouth thanks to Aflacs Accident Insurance.

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