Keeping Your Online Presence Protected

by - July 27, 2015

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reputation Rhino for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
As a blogger, one thing that I really have to be careful about is my online reputation. Not only for myself but also my brand. Being careful about what I post, mention and am associated with is an intergral part of managing my online reputation because I want this blog to grow into something that companies won't be afraid to work with. What I say and post on the internet never goes away, so keeping that in mind helps me keep things on the safe side.
If you're someone looking for a high profile job, or one that demands a level or morality and have had a wild side that you were more than free about sharing, Reputation Rhino is a company that is willing to help. They say that they can remove negative content from search results, online complaints, and any negative press that was libelous. 
If you need to find out if a company like Reputation Rhino is what you need, check out this article from  This is something that can be helpful for both you are your company. As of now, if I Google My Fascination Street or my name, I’m the first ones that pop up. One, because my blog name, while it’s derived from a song, has an extra word that isn’t associated with it. And my name pops up first because it’s very uncommon. But as the article states, it’s important to have an online presence, know what the competition is, and be ready to tackle any issues to become the first thing that pops up on a search. You also want to see what negative things are being said about you/your company because that way you can tackle those things head on. 
As a brand that offers products or services, reviews are everything and people are not afraid to give them. Negative reviews are more prominent than positive ones and need to be addressed as quickly as they are discovered. These  and articles says it all when they wrote that reputation is everything. There are tons of places in my neighborhood that I won’t frequent because of the bad reviews. I know some people can be a bit sensitive and some situations weren’t that bad, but when a company doesn’t address them, or comments on them in an attempt to make it right, it gives me the impression that they don’t care.
Again, just like in high school, reputation is everything and in the online world, it’s all we have. Protecting it, and making sure that your brand or yourself has a positive online presence is the key to getting ahead. So put down those selfies, don’t post controversial things on public forums and make use of Reputation Rhino if you want to ensure that negative things don’t start popping up!
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