Creating an Editorial Calendar

by - July 24, 2015

gotta love my Refinery29 calendar

Makeup, clean eating, fashion, skincare, decor, travel...mostly all bloggers are cursed with the same thing:un-writers block. We have so much that we want to write about that we end up writing about nothing. While I was away for a few weeks I was able to squeeze out just a handful of posts instead of the one a day that I promised myself I would push for. I really did want to write everyday and I would get up at 10am and sit in front of my laptop waiting for the words to pour out of my fingertips but I instead spent that time on Gchat and Facebook. Whoops!

That's when I realized that I'm not a freestyle writer and need guidance. I love all things related to beauty but without having some thing to sit down and write about I get totally lost and very easily distracted. Plus, I need time to get things ready for a post. I need to take nice pics, think about what direction I want the post to be in, etc. I follow so many blogs that have a great flow and consistency and one of the things I started to notice was that they find good ways to mix up their favorite topics so a reader won't see three straight pages of workout tips if that's not the sole focus of the blog.

So towards the end of my trip I  spoke to Jenniffer about this dilemma and we decided that a posting schedule was in order. We really want to push My Fascination Street into something that people are eager to check constantly because they like the updated (and super cool posts) so we came up with an insane posting schedule. With her taking time off from work to apply to med schools and me planning to take off work in a few weeks we figured this would be a great time to start. We sat down, came up with a plan and are pretty confident that we can make it work. 

The first thing we had to do was figure out how much time we were actually able to commit to the site per day. It takes me about 1-2 hours to write a great post, pics included, so we couldn't commit to writing 5-7 posts a day each. We settled on 3-6 in total. Starting low, but not too low, seemed doable with our schedules. 

The next thing we did was figure out what topics we wanted to cover, and were able to cover well. We don't want content on this blog, we want engaging content that's written well, so we had to stay within our specialties. Settling on beauty, cooking, decor and travel works for us because we both travel and cook extensively and while she's great at decorating my expertise is beauty. 

My favorite part came next. Creating an excel sheet! I adore spreadsheets and if I could make one for every aspect of my life, I totally would! What we did here was color code the dates (oh yea, we went there!) and then wrote down whatever topic we felt we could cover on a given day along with a little summary of what the post would actually be about.

A snippet of our brainstorming idea

After 3-4 days of going back and forth and figuring out what went when and who would write what we finally came up with something that we think we can work with. I plan on spending this coming weekend getting a head start so that by the time August 1st comes I'll be a few days, or at least one day, ahead of schedule. It's wishful thinking, but we're really on a roll so we want to keep riding that momentum and I'm pretty sure we can!

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