31 Days of Clean Eating

by - August 01, 2015

Here I go again! After months of constantly eating out and cooking delicious (yet not so healthy meals) for my boyfriend I hopped on the scale last week and realized that it was time to cut back! I just had another birthday yesterday and it reminded me that the older I'm getting, the harder it is to bounce back after vacation or dating related weight gain.

Ever since I moved to LA I've dabbled in the art of clean eating and the more I did it the more I really liked it. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do so being able to create delicious and super healthy meals really excites me. Making meals totally from scratch is a bit more time consuming but it's all worth it and it gives me time to read or write while I'm waiting for things to get done.

I haven't done groceries in ages so it was nice to get a fresh start and not feel like I had tons of food that was going to go bad out of neglect. Before I really dove in to buying tons of food I started off with a 3 day cleanse that I've done with my cousin a few times. I always think that it's a great way to get my body prepared for what's to come and it gives me more time to properly plan my meals. Since I'm working full time and also planning on writing a ton starting this month I have to make sure that my meals are properly planned and prepped every day.

I'm really excited to get things going with this and I will of course document every step of the way. I'm going to try to not only make everything super tasty but also affordable. It's so easy to eat unhealthy because of how cheap it all is but luckily, here in SoCal, fruits and veggies won't break the bank. I'm also going to make use of my organic cilantro and basil that I've been growing as much as possible.

 My friend Jennifer (not to get confused with my cousin/co-writer Jenniffer) is doing 100 days of crafting starting today and suggested I join in on the fun. I've been a bit down lately so I'm taking her up on her offer to have 100 days of finding happiness. Creative cooking makes me happy, as does slimming down, so this is going to a be an interesting month and a nice fresh start to a new year on this planet.

Let the games begin!

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