5 Indie Songs That Define a Relationship

by - June 29, 2015

Break ups are bad. Seriously, they are the worst! They make you want to just sleep until the heartbreak is over. Or lay in bed in total silence until the phone rings and it's that one person. Not your coworker or your cousins, but HIM (or her)! 

I'm dealing with one right now that's threatening to drive me over the edge. After over a week of no sleep or having an appetite I'm finally ready to pick myself up and start getting back into things I enjoy. Like music! I haven't heard a single song voluntarily in so long I don't feel like myself anymore. My showers have been quicker, my walks have me leaving voice memos to myself and my commute to work is just a bore. So I need to get back into the groove but what should I listen to? Everything I've listened to in practically the last year reminds me of him which is a downside of being a total music junkie and dating something with amazing taste. 

But I can't sit at home dwelling on stuff and instead of creating a Spotify playlist filled with Justin Bieber I decided to throw myself into the one I'd to listen to whenever I wanted to think about how happy I was with him. I know it may seem like the worst idea ever and like it'll only bring me down but one thing that's really helping me through this is trying to find the good that came out of that relationship and remembering the times that I was super happy.

So here are the some of the tunes helping me go to that fuzzy place and that are the best ones to dedicate to that indie music lover in your life. 

Pulp-Something Changed

Arctic Monkeys- I Wanna Be Yours

New Order- Thieves Like Us

The Cure- Just Like Heaven

The Pixies- Here Comes Your Man

A week ago I would've died listening to Something Changed or Thieves Like Us. Today, while I still can't listen to a New Order track in its entirety, all of these songs make me smile and I'm sure it's not the last time I'll be sharing these songs. So add these to your 'hanging out with my boyfriend/girlfriend' playlist and enjoy the great mood these will put you in.

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