Making My Favorites Clothes Last with Shout!

by - July 10, 2015

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Ever since moving to Los Angeles and developing a new and healthy lifestyle, I find myself
dealing with a few things that I never had to before. One of those being new stains thanks to
using items that I've never thought to eat before like kale, chard, carrots (yes I know!), celery
and even beets. Needless to say I've had to find ways to keep my clothes from getting
permanent stains during the preparation process of my juicing when I had these at home or if I
ordered one from many of the juice bars located here in LA since it is the new “it” stain for me
and many people that I know.

Thankfully Shout® has come to my rescue! I can use these products to help me to treat stains
ASAP or whenever I go to do the washing a few days later.

Shout® has been a household name for years and has a reputation for working extremely well.
Their line of products not only help treat old familiar stains like mud  or grass but the newer “it”
stains that are popping up like kale and sriracha. As a Blogger that's trying to move her blog a
bit more towards food I have to make sure I cook a lot and also look really cute while doing so
for my photo ops but I can't risk permanent stains on some of my favorite clothes just to get a
nice picture. They give me me the freedom to dress as fashionable as I want to without fearing a
stain because fashionistas have trusted this brand for years to help them maintain some of their
favorite items stain- free.

Not only have they saved me in terms of getting rid of stains, but I’m the kind of person that was
never huge on separating my whites from my colors and I don’t really have tons of time to sit at
home doing laundry. Thankfully the Shout® Color Catcher® sheets were brought into my life in
order to help catch bleeding colors from my clothes and I’m not afraid to do one mixed load

My all time favorite product from the entire Shout® line are the on-the-go Shout® Wipes. During
my day job I have a lot of client interaction and nothing would be more embarrassing or
detrimental than going into a meeting with a stain.

Having Shout® products on hand makes me less afraid of cooking, gardening or just eating in
outfits that I treasure because I know that I’ll be able to get rid of the stains without a problem!

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