Reusable Silicone Muffin Baking Cups

by - March 03, 2015

It's no secret that I loved to bake. If I could get paid to master the art of baking I totally would. Sadly, that is not the case. It won't stop me from trying though!

I've always been big on cakes thanks to my mom being a super amazing baker (and decorator) but didn't get into cupcakes until a few years back when they kind of became the craze. I remember my first cupcake experiment was a Christmas tree pullout cake that was super cute but leaves much to be desired. But yea, my love of cupcakes took off from there.

One thing that always killed me about making them was the liners. Even the pricey ones that claimed to not fade faded and became kind of worthless. When I decorate something, I like it to be done from top to bottom so burned or faded cupcake liners were always disappointing. These silicone cups by Connecticut Cupakes changed everything though! I've never used reusable liners before because I hadn't really heard of them. I've been a bit out of the baking loop since I moved to LA  so maybe that's the reason.

These liners are pretty damn awesome. They fit perfectly into my muffin tin and when I poured the batter into them they didn't get distorted. I made a few test cupcakes to take to work and my coworkers were loving them. They loved the cupcakes but especially the liners! I'm headed to NYC soon and am taking them with me because I know my little cousin will fall in love with them and we will be making muffins and cupcakes until she gets sick of them. I'm really excited for her to see them. The colors in these are really bright, the cake doesn't get stuck to the silicone and they're really easy to clean. Totally love this addition to my kitchen and it makes me want to bake a whole lot more.

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