Infuser Water Bottle

by - March 06, 2015

I've become pretty big on infusing water with lemon, cranberries, ginger and lime for the past few months ever since I got an awesome infusion water bottle. I know I have to drink a lot of water but it gets really boring after a few bottles so I went on the hunt for water bottles that were not only cute but that could get filled with fruits and herbs to add a little flavor to plain old H2O.

Being that I live in SoCal I know all about how bad plastics are and how they contain chemicals that can seep into the water in the bottles and all that jazz so I was happy to know that this bottle I received from Live Infinitely is BPA free and while this is not a glass bottle it happens to be shatterproof which is a must for me.

I really like how good this bottle is to naturally flavor water. It keeps the fruits, herbs or veggies in the bottom so that my water is constantly getting their flavor all while keeping them from clogging up the spout. 

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