Portable Charging Stick

by - March 02, 2015

Here's another charging stick that I was given the pleasure of trying out a few weeks ago: Portable Chimps Charging Stick. Well no, not really. It arrived at the same time that my cousin surprised me from NYC and since she was driving around LA, taking pictures like a tourist, I gave her the stick to tell me if it would really do the job of keeping her iPhone charged.

The Answer was yes. Not only did she love how slim it was and the fact that it had a cute carrying pouch but she loved the speed in which it charged her phone. Once it hit 25% she plugged the Charger Stick in and was able to shoot video, take tons of pics, constantly update her social media accounts with her whereabouts.

There isn't tons to say about this aside from the fact that it didn't take long to get charged up and it didn't disappoint when it came to putting it to the test. I'm excited to give this one a try myself now that it's back in my possession! 

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED - 1 2600mAh ChargerSticks Lithium-ion external battery, 1 micro USB cable, an instruction manual, and includes a travel pouch for convenience. Simply use it with your phone's USB cable and you instantly have an external battery iPhone 5 charger, portable external battery for iPhone 4 as well as Droids and Samsung Galaxy all in this one tiny device. (Additional Apple adapters - 30 pin and Lightning- are NOT included)
  • TOP QUALITY, GUARANTEED - ChargerSticks are designed with quality

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