Gimme That Juice

by - May 13, 2015

My obsession with my iPhone is pretty much the same as everyone I know. I need it in my hand, 24/7 with Instagram, Facebook and iMessages constantly running. This of course means that my battery gets drained at warp speed. I used to have a charging case for it but my iPhone 4 outlasted it years ago so I've been trying out some portable chargers to see which one I like best. I did have one a few months ago but I gave it to my cousin because she seemed to have needed it more than I did at the time so now I'm working with CoreThirds Portable Charger to see what it's all about.

I guess I can say that it's a pretty basic charger. I plug it into my computer at night in order to juice it up and when my battery gets in the red I plug this sucker in and I can get it to at least 70% within an hour. And this is with my apps constantly running so I'm sure it can get totally full in that time if I just let it be. It's def not a bad little machine and I like that its small and cute enough to fit in even my smallest purses.

If you want to get one of these to try out for yourself just leave a comment and you might never have to worry about not having enough battery to take (and post) all the beach and wedding selfies that are sure to happen in the upcoming months!

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