Instacube Digital Frame

by - April 30, 2015

I love two things: Instagram and digital frames. So i was really happy to find out about the Instacube. Instacube exactly what sounds like: it's a cube that shows your IG feed or a hashtag that you select, wirelessly. What I like about the Instacube is that its really cute and shows me my feed in real time.

It's a pretty cool thing to have on my dresser. Whenever I see a new picture that I like I just hit the huge heart button on top and voila, a like is added. Another thing I can do on the cube is view photos via a hashtag, so if I want to see photos of the Eiffel Tower from everyone I can. That of course is good and bad because people love to hashtag things that just aren't relevant. It also only shows the same 10-15 hashtags which made it lose its appeal for the hashtag stream pretty quick.

I really like it. The photos are very clear, at 8 inches, and it's also touch screen so I can also like the photos by double tapping it. It's a really cool gadget and it lets me fuse two things that I love: technology and social media. I just wish it was bigger but I don't know if I'd want to display photos from everyones feeds any larger than that. Sorry guys ;-)

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