Spaghetti Doesn't Always Have to be Carby

by - May 16, 2015

I'm a total lover of spaghetti. I love how it looks, how it grabs on to sauce, and how great it tastes when mixed with grilled chicken of ground beef. But, I don't love the carbs in it. So I've been trying to find ways to cook and eat it without having to pack on the extra pounds. Especially since the summer is just around the corner and I want to lose the extra pudge that I packed on in this surprisingly cold SoCal winter.

On came Varietyland's Vegetable Spiralizer. I never gave any of these a try because they just never looked like they were sturdy enough to actually work correctly. I was pleasantly surprised with this one though because the edges were sharp (be careful!), it was easy to use, and my carrots and zucchini didn't turn into mush when I attempted to use it.

I'm forcing myself to get used to zucchini pasta but this slicer makes it easy because it gives it the shape so when I mix it with my sauces and meats its not a total shock to my palette. I'm happy with it and think I'm going to test some non carby pasta the next time I cook for the man to see how long it'll take him to notice the difference.

If you want to try this out, leave a comment! Varietyland is letting me give one away to a lucky reader!

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