Swiss Botany Vitamin C Serum & Moroccan Oil Giveaway

by - March 15, 2015

I'm a huge fan of serums and oils as part of a great skin or hair care regiment because they're usually natural ways to help achieve what we're looking for. In this care Swiss Botany's Vitamin C Serum is great for the skin and their Moroccan Pure Argan Oil, while advertised for all over use, is one of my new go-to haircare products. 

I've been using (and promoting) Vitamin C for skin care because of it's use as an antioxidant. It's a great product if you want to clear your skin of toxins and helps slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which we all want, right? 

What I like about Swiss Botany's serum is the consistency. It's not too thick or thin and really seems to seep into the skin and gets to work. Added to my skin care regiment my skin is just as smooth and healthy as before and I can go a day or two without using my fancy scrubber and I still feel like my skin is perfect.

Moroccan Oil has been in my life since I went to Manchester, England in 2011 and was desperate to get my hair done. After calling tons of places to see if they knew how to deal with my specific type of hair I found a great spot where the stylist used Moroccan Oil to give me a healthy shine, defrizz my hair and gave me a nice bouncy look without having to kill my hair with heat. Not that I'm not a fan of heat but if it's done wrong it can be hell! On my own I like to use this oil when I'm drying my hair because it seems to give it a great sheen without looking or feeling greasy after. Then I apply some on the following days when I do touch ups with the flat iron but I'm careful not to use too much to avoid weighing my hair down.

So as promised...another fun giveaway! If you want em both just enter below and if you're lucky they're all yours!

So let me know how you plan on making the best of these two products and they're all yours!

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