Microbiome Plus Probiotic Giveaway

by - March 27, 2015

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’m not a massive fan of taking supplements because sometimes I don’t feel it’s worth what they can do to my stomach as well as other random side effects that can pop up.

I’ve reviewed products by Microbiome before and the main takeaway from this and the previous product is that my sensitive stomach isn’t affected by them. I don’t have issues with my blood pressure or cholesterol so I can’t attest to how this works for that. I do however like that it has probiotics because everyone can benefit from making sure their insides are nice and balanced.

This Microbiome Plus Heart Probiotic package came with a 1 month supply, separated into weekly boxes and you’re asked to take one pill with two of your daily meals. This isn’t a bad deal for someone that’s into taking probiotics and is tired of eating yogurt in order to keep their digestive system on point. You can grab the one month supply at Amazon or, you can get one for free courtesy of Microbiome Plus + by entered the giveaway below:

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