Intelliglass iPhone Shield

by - March 12, 2015

I'm the kind of person that hates having a case on my phone. Not because I don't like having a case but because I haven't been able to commit to one. But regardless of not having a case to protect the back of my phone, I def needed one to protect the front and that's where the Intelliglass iPhone Shield came in.

I like that these protectors are super thin and don't distort the view of my screen at all. It was really easy to put in too. I just had to wipe my phone, carefully place it and voila. Done! I'm normally super careful with my phone so I haven't had any scratches but with this protector one I feel like I can be a little laid back and not be overzealous with it. 

It's a really good by and helps save lots of money because replacing a cracked screen is pretty much a nightmare!

If you want a chance to try one of these out, leave a comment below and the company will send you one ASAP!!!

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