Hyaluronic Acid with Lilac Stem Cells Serum

by - March 27, 2015

Out of all the skin care products on the market devised to keep our skin from aging prematurely hyaluronic acid is one that I haven’t really heard much about until recently. According to Natures Tools USA, their Hyaluronic Acid with Lilac Stem Cells Serum does everything a women needs in a skin care product. It’s supposed to remove fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the collagen stimulation, it reduces blackheads, shrinks your pores and helps get rid of blemished left behind by acne. The company also says that this product keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. Those are all some pretty big claims from just one serum that’s being sold for less than $25. 

 Even with a bit of skepticism I decided to give this product a try anyway. Luckily my skin is the type that isn’t very sensitive to products and something will either work well or do absolutely nothing, but it won’t make my skin worse or cause me to break out. I used the product as directed: I washed my face with my cleanser and exfoliator, added the serum to my face and neck and just waited. My skin didn’t feel heavy or tight which I liked and I didn’t feel a burning sensation. 

After two weeks of use I did notice that some blemishes were starting to fade and my skin was looking a bit better without having to use my tinted moisturizer so I was relay happy about that. One thing I know that’s for sure is that I’ll keep using it because I need all the help I can get if I want to keep wrinkles at bay!

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