Detox Juice- Gotta Love Em!

by - March 27, 2013

There are so many variations of detox and cleansing drinks that are said to be the best. The Master Cleanse is an old favorite of mine as are regular detox drinks but after years of drinking some on and off I finally settled on one that I love.

Every day I take a few shots of 100% lemon juice because I know it helps cut fat and with bloat. I also always have a shot of concentrated cranberry juice or a cup of the regular variety (so long as it's 100% juice) because I've already suffered from an awful kidney incident and am paranoid. I've cut back on soda in the past few months and drink about 160 ounces of water daily so I figured why not just mix them all? I did a quick search for detox juices and found that a lot of them contain green tea because it revs up the metabolism so I decided to add it to the mix.

I have been drinking this for months and I love it. It's bitter but I haven't had sugar in coffee or tea for years so I'm used to the flavor. I've usually just made single serving mixes but since I want to drink a lot more of it I made a massive jug of it.

I don't go by a set recipe but to be safe I had the water filled up half way, used half of the cranberry juice and then a quarter of the lemon juice. I also heated up 4 cups of water and used 4 tea bags. I mixed everything together while the tea was still warm and voila. The only thing I don't like is the amount of carbs in cranberry juice but I have to ignore it since I actually need to drink lots of it.

I'm planning on always having one of these made in my refrigerator and hope that you will too! It's a nice alternative to just drinking water and it's doing something good for your body with very little effort.

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