Creating a Shabby Chic Living Space

by - October 25, 2019

I've learned from years of obsessing over decor blogs and magazines that if you don't have a pretty coffee table then you don't really have a coffee table at all. A cute coffee table is totally the key to not only having a showable living space but also a really enjoyable one. It's a great place to keep your tablet/laptop, a few magazines and yes, even that infamous cup of coffee when you're getting ready to get your day started.

Once I realized that this studio was a legit thing and that I had to decorate it I went a little crazy looking for the perfect items. I didn't want to spend too much but had to stick with my love of all things Shabby Chic. And because it's a studio and the living room area was going to be the first thing anyone saw I had to make sure that whichever one I got was the right one.

I initially painted a bathroom bench white and added a lucite tray to it but while it was totally cute, I could barely put a cup on it! Le sigh! But two weeks after moving in I tagged along on an Ikea trip and the table of my dreams was there.

Now I had seen this Ikea nesting table before but totally forgot about it so I was head over heels when it came back into my life and I nabbed it up before forgetting about it again. What I love about this table is that it's got a great design while still being super simple. It has the ability to stand on it's own as well as blend with other pieces without losing it's appeal. The thin body and glass tops help keep the space open and the two tiered design give it a unique look that helps keep a space from looking plain and boring.

I ain't saying she a goal digger

Once I got the table I needed to add a few items to pretty it but without cluttering it. I'm obsessed with table trays and after months of search for one that I liked, this includes trying to find one for my last apt, I settled on a wood one that's white with a gold leaf design. It's a nice size for the items that I had on top of it but also for the rare occasion that I''ll be serving up breakfast in bed. In the meantime though I spruced up the tray with satin peonies in a mason and a large flame less candle. I also keep my planner on it because the colors match perfectly and I don't like having too much dead space on the tray.

Now there's a not so secret secret area between the two tiers and that's where I keep things that are super cute to look at and are used sometimes. Like once a month or so. I have a refinery style book and my iPad with it's very girly case. I have the book there because the cover is really nice and blends in with the table and iPad cover well.

To tie it all in I got this really cute shag rug from Amazon that while it's not the best, it was affordable and works with the space. I do wish that I got a 5x7 instead of a 3x5 but you know, lessons learned. All in all I'm happy with how I put that area together. I don't have the greatest eye for decor but I'm getting a a lot better and this is proof of it!

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