Wine Cork and Stopper

by - October 02, 2015

Oh wine, one of my favorite things ever. I like it red, I like it white and I love it sparkling! But what I don't always like is when I try to open a bottle and key gets stuck or breaks the cork. The other things that isn't my favorite is when I don't want to finish a bottle and have to stick a broken cork back in.

I've had so many different wine keys from Ikea or discount stores and they were always pretty flimsy and did the job for a while but the one I got from X-Chef isn't bad at all. It's got some weight to it which means it's nice and sturdy and it came with a stopper that isn't so tall that it can't fit in my fridge.

I loved how this stopped was thick and didn't feel cheaply made. It fit my sparkling wine bottle perfectly and I loved hearing a popping sound when I went back for more because it made me feel confident that the stopper was doing it's job! I was given this item for free to review but they're selling them on Amazon for $9.99 as opposed to their regular price of $20. It's not a bad deal if you want something that will last for more than one bottle of wine.

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