Finally a Bluetooth Speaker with Some Features!

by - September 30, 2015

Ever since I upgraded to an iPhone 5 my iHome became pretty pointless if I wanted to use it to stream music. I keep my iHome in my bathroom so I can listen to some tunes while I shower or get ready for work/going out or to enjoy some peace after a super long day on my balcony and I've had to resort to using my super old iPod from 2004. And let me pause for a second to reflect on the fact that I have an 11 year old working iPod.

Okay, now that's that over, let's go back to my situation now. While I can put 20gb worth of music in it sometimes I like to listen to Pandora or Spotify while I'm getting ready so I've been searching for a really good bluetooth speaker and I think I found one that's nearly perfect.

The DBPower Mini Wireless Speaker was a pretty decent buy. Thanks to my Amazon Prime I was able to get it the same day for $36.98, it came fully charged and was easy to set up. I set the time, got my bluetooth ready and was ready to test it out. There isn't any volume control on the speaker so it all has to be controlled by the device busting out the tunes but you can pause, rewind and fast forward on it which is a great feature. Come to think about it, most bluetooth speakers that I've seen don't have a volume control or the ability to do anything but listen to the music so I'm glad this has that.

It's a really sleek design and the size lends to letting you have a loud, crisp sound but it's doesn't have the best range. It seemed to not like my body because the sound got a bit staticky when I was near it but aside from that I totally dig it.

If you wanna try it out here's a 20% discount code that makes this bluetooth speaker an even sweeter deal: 5YVUUAKT

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